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Monday, March 19, 2012

March 17, Saturday. 9:00am
JAM/VIA's Practice.
Only Jasmin and I attended the practice among the other KKBs. 
i woke up that day receiving Jasmin's SMS.

So I hurried up in church, I didn't expect what i see, heard and know there.
they talked about our ministry and the involvement of the kkbs. there are issues, there are things needed to be justified. we're always one step closer to excellence. as always. 

the practice ended early, as expected, we have to wait until 2pm for the practice of the skit. so, Jas and I jammed and it didn't last. so we decided to go to SM Muntinlupa, we bought things what her mom instruct us and eat at McDonalds. thanks to ate Leny for it. :)

then, we went to sunken, now I'm with hacinth and hazel.
I always feel awkward in this situation. so i keep quiet, thinking of things that i should or shouldn't do. when I caught up confidence, I speak. i want to make things clear, so I ask them questions. basically, I don't want to lose in that argument but realizing where things will go I just kept silent, well I discern things. I don't know if I've done the right thing but i guess its not the right time for me to talk harshly. good thing i heard the other side.

I can't say that I can't blame any of them, when it comes to blaming someone. I blame.. both sides. there are things needed to be understood.
although, I didn't say the hurting words I pray that God will still move in our lives. teaching us. discipline us and loving us.

after that, the day go so well. we start the practice full of laughs.
we ate Marty's, Cheese Ring and Wafer. we start in fresh soil and end up in grassland. its not perfect. its not good. but we have confidence to the Lord.
we start right 'cause we start in prayer and we end right 'cause we end in prayer. thanks to Balajadia's, we have this free fare. :)

we just get exhausted. relax a bit mode.

sa kawayanan.

up up in a hill. 

no words can describe. LOL

look at me! I'm doing it right. :D

Never Give Up

i Believe Love and Obey GOD.
Jabes, God's Original Masterpiece

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