Hold your breath then go

Sunday, March 11, 2012

kung mapapansin ng readers ng blog na 'to, kung meron man. mahilig akong magpost ng mga burdens into hidden identity through mash-up words. maybe you're thinking na I'm such a person that can't say anything at matapang lang  pag sa blog. say all you want but, ang hirap din kaseng ilabas. knowing that the person involve can't understand you..
its not they don't want to listen but they just CAN'T.

i feel heavily broken. i can't say a thing to anyone personally.
bladed words they say. i can choose not be affected but i guess if i try not to be in the scene.. I'm not doing it right. i have a responsibility and burdens were bringing me always in this place. Lord help us.

i love sharing this thought:
as we run in our life's journey, many will try to pull us down, many will hurt us, let us be stumbled. but those who turn their eyes upon Jesus, will still be invulnerable.

i need to look unto Jesus! Lord Help us carry this burdens or will You just take it all from us?

Never Give Up
God's Original Masterpiece.
God's Workmanship.
God's Property
i Believe Love and Obey GOD.

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