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Friday, March 16, 2012

Last Saturday was the celebration of Sis. Venia's Birthday and a bonding moment with my fellow disciples. it was a day of informing happiness. 

at 8AM, i went to church to bring the sack of rice upstairs but i end up playing the guitar and singing the revised version of my song. moments later, i went downstairs to buy plastic, newspaper and i forgot the other one. haha! there was charlie, so i asked him to go with me.

in church, bro.orly came and start bringing the sack of rice up. He's so strong. I can't even carry one sack upstairs. but as everyone prepares.. Me and charlie were sticky, if you know what i mean. sweat. xD
before going to Manila. Ptra noticed that majority of us were in red. well, not me! so everyone who wears any color but red must changed it. so do I. 

we ate. we took pictures (seems like a photo shoot). we chaffed and be amazed inside Logos Hope (the world's largest floating book fair) 
what we ate, all time favorite CHICKEN and ADOBO by kuya Ecko. 
plus the baon of our chikiting, Hannah Faith. :)

now, look! :)
Inside the vehicle.. youngsters at the back. :)

After lunch, otw to Logos Hope

upon entering the gate, seeing that huge boat.

Logos Hope, here we come

I know, I know, we take pictures everywhere, everytime there's a calling of it.

simple, little orientation and simple, little boat.
Inside the bookstore

after buying at book fair: at our back is the story board of the prodigal son.

Ate joan, early for their worship jam.

Ate Jane too. :)

Here you go. :)

this photo was taken while i talk to ate Jane regarding KKB/CYN Web Radio. :)
cool talking to her. :)

ready to go home.. 

we're doing it right. :)
i saw books. i took pictures. but I can't find my USB port. :(

anyway, before we go home, we went to star city to park and eat. :)
I'm already exhausted but it seems like situation doesn't allow you to rest.
after eating, we watched the fireworks in MOA.. everyone went out of the vehicle except me, charlie and grace.

its a long way home. there's a tear on my eyes when i noticed the silence and turn my headphones on. Mood swing ba?. di naman. sandali lang naman yung naramdaman kong yun. about saken lang.  

Taking hold, breaking in, the pressures all need to circulate.

Never Give Up

i Believe Love and Obey GOD.
Jabes, God's Original Masterpiece

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