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Monday, March 19, 2012

Sunday morning. i woke up late and almost late for the service, my body is in ache but i need to meet God.there's 2 things in my mind: Everything Skit & Krizza + Rachel's last Sunday in Muntinlupa. 

after praise and worship. I talked to those who participate in the Skit. one by one we went downstairs for the ONE LAST PRACTICE. as we wait for others, we have this little talk, then Joan and Denise came, saying "Preaching Time" daw sabe ni Ptra. I was expecting it. We didn't went up right after it. we just wait for the others. when Hacinth, Hazel and Karl came.. i went up to talk to ptra. she get angry at me, us. she said that there will be no presentation of the kkbs. i went downstairs again, everybody's upset with annoyance and felt bad about it.

in sadness, we went up. I'm trying to be calm, I prayed in the spirit while in Victory Proclamation. after that, i went up the stage. I Exhort the Tithes and Offering. I thank God that i found confidence in Him. I went down the stage and went to projector's. talked to charlie. and ptra adds up in the preaching and i know she said things especially made for us. then she prayed. after the prayer she announced that she'll talk to the kkbs.

upon entering the room, i expect ptra is angry. everybody is in frown, but only ptra has the smile. she talked to us in lovingly manner. she talked to us gently. she asked us a question. one by one.. that brought emotions in the atmosphere: mahal mo ba ang church? mahal mo ba ako? a personal question. 

we faced different matters. my eyes is on watery moment, I don't want to cry. but when hacinth was asked.. she cried. I burst into tears then. everyone cried. not sure if everyone but most of us. when i look to krizza and rachel, they were crying too. Ptra, said things for us. for she loves us, this is a discipline. she tell hazel that God is preparing her into great things. and ptra told me that i have a calling, different calling and I'm not adopted then she smiles.

we prayed. restored. and we're now allowed to present Everything Skit.
I didn't function for 2nd service. charlie did. I miss worshiping God as one of the congregation. our presentation is scheduled after the closing prayer. 
Credits to Clarisse for this Video. :)
the first time I saw this skit was The Youth Summit 2009 "WiLDFiRE"
then, we planned to perform this skit since early 2010. well, i guess this is the right time for this.we have the perfect cast. hahaha! at least we think so. but before the actual presentation we're in nerve. I, myself don't know what to do. walking back and forth.  then, we prayed out of it. 
guess what, after the presentation, our sweat then came. XD

The Feedbacks
    I saw tears around the congregation. nahahawa nga ako e. sobrang thankful ako sa Lord. lalu nung nakita ko si ate Leny at ate Chit na naiyak. tapos sinabe pa ni ate chit na pina-iyak nio kame.  and others said na pang anniversary daw at ang galing daw.. ang sabe nga nila bagay daw saken ung role ko. dko alam kung insulto o ano. hahaha! :D

Krizza and Rachel said Goodbye. mamimiss ko tong dalawa. hai.. 
I asked Rachel for remembrance, I got a baller. kitakits on Youth Summit. :)

before the day ends, we're into reports. then later, Ptra said we can finish it the following day and we should packed up. i wonder why. she then asked us where do we want, Festival, Starmall or SM Muntinlupa and she also asked for the restaurant.  I didn't suggest anything.

we end up in Festival Mall and have a walk along inside. then we eat at KFC. 
got full because of gravy. we also saw sembrero family there. sila ate kat, kuya alber at ate cha. well, as always when ate kat talked to me, I'm being mute. we went home around 9pm? 

Thank You Father, You've used us to minister using this skit.

Never Give Up

i Believe Love and Obey GOD.
Jabes, God's Original Masterpiece

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