March 4 Jesus plus JAM/VIA Swimming!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

April 8, Sunday.

March for Jesus held by ABCI Muntinlupa. we, the KKBs joined the movement wearing our Aqua blue shirts. we walked from tunasan up to Muntinlupa City Hall. 

this is so tiring! everything is in ache. LOL. the sun beat us up, its so hot. (you say?. XD)
in the City Hall, we sit down and rest. while I talk to them and jokes with them and take photos of nature and sing songs and dance with them. and i need to go to church to finish something when salve called me from nowhere. she asks me about the meeting of the KKBs. and we talked about our plans and she interviewed me about what i feel for being the KKB head. so i tell her things while my parekoy samantha disturbs us by waving and through melting me by her gaze. XD

I went home early after going to church. to fix my things and go to Laguna for Summer Outing of JAM and VIA. i forgot the name of the resort. I'm with Jasmin, Aries, Hazel and Joy plus kuya arnold and family, Casauay, Pama. :)

we can't seem to decided where to swim, I just taught of road trip the time i put my earplugs on and listen to road trip themed music on my tablet. we also thought about THE ROAD. creepy huh?.

when we finally found one, I was in great chill. that feeling when aries told me that the water in the shower is hot, I never knew that the water on the pool is hot also. so we swim and relax. we played and mingled about Joy's lovelife. things are cool that time.

when suddenly..
in the middle of our conversation..
the lights went out.

we shout, scream and everything just to let everyone know that the light's gone. creepy!
while waiting for the lights to went back, we thought about all the horror, thriller movie that our mind can remember and assume that it will happen that time while we're soaking and drowning in fear because of what we just say. we compressed and stay together. we saw a creepy spot that scares us. its the trees and the green leaves. we look closer and carefully, we visualize that there are atleast four men standing and watching us. we grab each other and start being scared. (you say?. xD)

a night to remember, the last thing we do is to sing a song in the videoke and went home. thank God for the safety, the vehicle we're riding seems to be broken. its a miracle that God lead us without being in an accident. thanks be to God. :)

Never Give Up

i Believe Love and Obey GOD.
Jabes, God's Original Masterpiece 

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