72 Hour Worship + Warfare + Intercession

Thursday, May 24, 2012

May 20.

as a preparation for the Youth Summit 2012. we are required to attend in the said event. 6am to 6pm. we went in the place 12nn, exactly lunch break. i met leaders around. nandun din sila Jeremiah at Mirasol.
ang kasama ko ay sila Charlie, Denise, Hans at Anji. 

nakakamiss magworship sa ganung lugar. we praise at worship Him in that place.

we prayed for scarborough shoal, spratly Island and Lady Gaga's Concert.
we asked for forgiveness for our sins. we, as a representative for God.
at 5pm, I went down to meet ate leslie for the payment of our shirts, I'm with Majo. my fellow volunteer for Media Revamp. we keep searching but we end up not seeing her during the event. she's in the VIP room pala.
then we start marching up to SM Mall of Asia. we're headed to MOA Arena.. we're chanting.. 

"give thanks to the Lord for He is good.. His Love Endures Forever."

Anji and Hans ay umuwi na. MOA gonna fall down. LOL
all we know that time is our God is for us. later on.. I saw traffic, i thought it was only because the christian is passing their way. but as we went closer the policeman and guards set a barrier in front, so no one can pass through, even the vehicles. on the other side, we saw bowed down people, crying and singing to the Lord. I speak prayer for our country as well then Jasmin came. we sang "Hallelujah" as worship to our God.
after few minutes, we start spreading out and gone home. but we're not..

Charlie, Denise, Jasmin and ako sneaked behind the policemen and guards. we LOLed. we will pray for the MOA arena, at least we can march and we can see the place. its a huge arena. the architecture is good as well. we prayed, walked around it. and we heard annoying people saying bad things about Christians. well, we're glad to hear that 'cause we are blessed when people hated us because of Jesus. :))

it rained. we went home. :)
we send SMS to our pals regarding the said event. 
forming only one message. :)

Never Give Up

i Believe Love and Obey GOD.
Jabes is God's Original Masterpiece

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