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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Why live in ignorance when you can live in extreme dedication in learning.

summer time is over. all the fun of summer, all the outdoors, all the non-stop napping and free time, it all comes to an end. today, many students wore their uniform and went to school. some were excited, some were not. but me?
I'm stuck here typing my blog, scrolling down the news feed, reading tumblr posts and watching other people tweet. Get a life Jabes! but honestly. i want to go back to school. I miss the projects, assignments, reports, exams, the school campus.. everything. well, wait for it.. I LIED! . I just miss my allowance, barkadas, hang-outs. XD kidding.

I miss going to school. I miss listening to professor and the tease with my mates. I stopped going to school last August, our expected money didn't went in, so I've never enrolled on the next semester. I became full time in our church for 9 months, I think?. in 9months God provided my needs. 

there are promotions in that full-time thingy. including heavy reports in MIS and much heavier leading the KKBs, I share in prayer meetings and speak on the stage on the spot. still gaining confidence in this moment. maraming nangyare nung mga araw na yun. kung iisa-isahin ko baka bukas ko na 'to maipost. pero if there a chance na makapag-aral ako. baka ibang course ang kunin ko.

when i was in High school
       flashback lang muna. when i was in high school I have no favorite subject. I'm just a normal student. I'm one of those goodboy in my class, goodboy na pa-easy-easy sa subjects. and then this day came, examination day meron akong 2 subjects na highest ako sa buong class and anung subject?

Math and English.

I don't know, pero di naman ako perfect or less than 5 lang mali, that's when i find out na kaya ko pala. honestly wala akong tiwala sa sarili ko those days,  at ang paniniwala ko ay may mga tao talagang sadyang matalino, kumbaga natural na. kaya naman change of perspective mode ako.

later i find out na may hilig pala ako sa Computer Studies.
so, 3 subjects naghighest ako sa class. proud ako nun sa sarili ko pero pa-humble effect pa din. e pano jan lang ako nag-eenjoy pag-nagrereview at pagdating sa ibang subject, masaya na ko sa 80 na grade. kinig-kinig lang at quiz maya-maya. takot mangopya. ganun.

so, favorite ko ang Math, English at computer subject. angat lang ang Computer tapos English at huli ang Math. eh ganun tayo e.xD

ngayon? balak ko talagang bumili ng DSLR at Magbusiness. pero kelangan ng capital syempre. I'm still waiting kung ano ang plano ni Lord saken. ang dami ko kaseng reservation sa kokote ko. 

kaya eto ako. hahaha!

God has a plan for me.
and what ever happens to me i know that all things work together of my good. :)

i Believe Love and Obey GOD.
Jabes is EXTREME! 

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