the HARD FALL presents: Make it stop

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The strings from within
strikes from the skies above
the ink of a dying pen conceives
that you can't connect the dots
as if there's one

the melody keeps on going
even if i turn off the sound
the scene keeps on playing
even when you left

my feet keeps on walking as
my mind keeps on blowing
emotion stirred up
in a bowl of a unloving coffee

the sound of raindrops filled up my ears
it poured out into my eyes
they talk too much
they laugh too much

they're happy, so am I?

not sure if its true, not sure if its right
hold me, will you?

its tiring to be tired
but still not tired of trying
tomorrow is another day
pain comes in any way

this is not a poem
this is not a song
this is not a poet
this is not a speech

look! those colors is ready to blind me up
with the wonderful meltdown
starving for a glance
and if my heart was a house
what would i do?

if my soul has a switch
I will never switch anything
i know everything happens for a reason

in this night 
i have no room for fright
in this fight
i will soar up in the line brightly

My brain is shakening
its cracking, its dying
its malfunctioning, it tears me up
is this what they call the art of breaking?

on the other hand
is this seemingly endless blood pumper
its getting faster, louder, and crazier
i can feel it beating out of my chest

but i can feel heaviness inside that I'm not sure of
I'm pleading, so please make it stop.

Never Give Up

Galvanized Into ACTION, sebajisoka

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