C-Square with the KKBs

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mira, Christelle, Israel, Hans, Charmane, Jeremiah, MJ, Reymark, Cathy and Jabes.

Aug. 21, 2012 | 3PM
         C-Square, the place where we gathered together for our Youth Gathering. it should be in Sunken Garden but it rained right before we went there. so on rush, we changed places.
On Festival Mall, our first activity is to answer questions I provide. it was fun. No, it was crazy. we laugh hard. i believe everyone enjoyed the questions. 

after those questions, I shared about Grace and Love (which I loved sharing) and Cathy, after I shared, introduce the 5 Love Language. and we had this small test about finding our own love language.

Act of Service
Words of Affirmation
Physical Touch
Quality Time
Receiving Gifts

I'm Bilingual, meaning I have 2 Love Language. I already know mine, I took a test long ago from cathy's book. Words of Affirmation and Receiving Gifts. 
and then, Kokology. we laugh so hard. XD

i hope everyone enjoyed the gathering.
looking forward to the next. :D

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Cathy's Birthday

Thursday, August 16, 2012

After listening to a friend's heartbreak story. here am I talking to her about surprising this long kept friend, Cathy. this is what happened.

I have weird plans in my head but it will take time to prepare and more budget to be contrive. so I go with the simple one, I think she'll be surprise still. 
Food? I'm on it. Cake? Denise got it. Map to Cathy's home? We'll explore on it.

the next day, I'm ready to go. I went to McDonalds and think for a while then I search for a phone and call in their home, that's a part of the plan, if she's home, we'll go. if not, goodbye surprise.

I dialed her number. RING. RING. RING.
Hello? its her home. cathy's not home. she said cathy's on the mall with a friend or two.
Change of plans..

we're going to Festival Mall.
there, we've searched for her. we split up. we've scanned in our head where she probably go. Me on National Bookstore, Denise on Krispy Kreme/Powerbooks. and guess what! we end up reading books on powerbooks.

Minutes later a Text Message came to Den's phone. its from cathy. and another sets of minutes later. I'm with Denise, Rolinda and the Birthday Girl, Cathy. we just talk and eat.
I hope she had a good time with us. our surprise didn't go so well, still we have this moment, that she celebrate her birthday with her friends. this is my first time to be with her on her birthday! 

Happy Birthday Cathy! :D

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It's about Jesus!

Y-Men Conference

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Y-Men Conference.

it was a great conference. I'm still a KKB but yet I have this chance to attend this Conference of Young Adults. in their theme "Made Courageous". My eyes were opened as I listen to courageous speakers. the conference talk about the future. I mean, business and family stuffs. at least I have this slight knowledge about getting into family and getting out into the world.

the last speaker made me think about being a speaker. will you imagine? me? a speaker?
my dream? be lined up with great speakers like Francis Kong, Bo Sanchez, John Maxwell and other excellent speakers.

If God put this dream in my heart. I'm gonna say "who's up for adventure?" and answering myself "who else? me!".

I'll be rich. a CEO of a company. still adventurous type of unknown species of mankind. 
Hello World! 

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Life is unfair

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Last Wednesday, there's an horrifying news that made my day angry.
I have this friend. she and her sister were my brother israel and I's childhood friends. we used to play when we were kids. and we used to sing-a-long with our cassette tape, God's Army Album, even in prayer. we do nasty things and laugh about what we do.
years later our worlds went apart, they went to their province and we stayed here.

and then, 1 came back, they younger one. its good to see her again but its kinda awkward for some reason. 'til i had a change to talk with her and my aunt in their house. its a good time. that was 2010. and weeks later she left. no news about her til. wednesday.
I woke up. Dad shocked me. He told me that she and her older sister almost raped, good thing they escaped. 

Manel is gone. she's the younger one. she gave me remembrances. its so unfair. I've never lost a friend before. how is that possible?
she's a good girl, and where in the world the rapist go?. it gets annoying by the moment. now, i believe she's with the angels and she's with the Lord. Good bye my friend. thanks for the memories. 

Never Give Up

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