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Happy Birthday Eszpren (Jasmin!)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy 18th Birthday !

I don’t know what to say but I feel like writing a letter. but Here it goes. I know, you already receive lots of greetings and wishes from your friends and relatives and some other stranger on facebook who greet you because they saw your name on today’s birthday celebrator.

So I thought, would it matter when I write you this? I’m not sure. Would you read it?
nehh. I don't know. but there are things that I needed to say. important things that you may not understand. 

I don't really expect you to appreciate what am I doing, I just want to make you smile. 
hahaha! am I doing this right? XD 

what am I saying? Am I Crazy? WHATEVUR. XD
the reason why I didn't write anything in the message board or whatever you call it, is because, its so hard for me to show emotion to the people around me while writing it. I always get so emotional when it comes to this. so, forgive me. 

Since children, we're friends.. right? am I? well, at least we know each other since we're kids. so I can call you as my childhood friend. (I don't want to grow up. XD) and today, we're part of the same Youth Organization, di lang basta bastang Youth Org, Astig na Youth Org. ang KKB. still, we're friends.

naalala ko pa nung tinawag mo kong "eszpren" dahil sa cheezeburger. remember? ayan na, naging tawagan natin. ikaw kase e. anyway. I really thank God for your life, di mo lang alam kung pano ka naging blessing and answered prayer to me and to other people. even your kind words help me through something. pati sa KKBs you're a Big help. i can't help myself but to thank you.

I may not write down specifically everything that you've done to me, but I know your labor in the Lord will never be in vain. keep on serving God! never get tired, let God be the source of your strength in every way of life. I pray that you may hang out with your good friends always, that you may enjoy life to the fullest with them, also with your family and relatives. Have fun! when you fall, get back up and fight a good fight. stay humble. always be strong. sabi nga ng classmate mo pwede ka nang makulong, so ingat-ingat ha. ganyan ako nung nag-18 din ako, ayoko ding makulong no.

You're always been in my prayers eszpren. (nalilito pa din ako kung ano una, "s" o "z"? does it matter? XD )
I pray...
that God will keep on blessing you more than what you expect.
that He will bless the works of your hand and everyone that surrounds you will be blessed because of you
that He will supply everything that you need
that every effort and every sacrifice of yours will be rewarded by Him
that whatever the desire of your heart He will give as you delight in Him
that You will meet the PERFECT and WONDERFUL PLAN of God.
that You will meet the things HE STORED for YOU.

and Lord, never let her go, whatever happens she will be the same Jasmin that serves You and obeys You. whatever her dreams if its according to Your plan. let it be.
I pray that she will enjoy the days of her youth with your GRACE in loving You and serving You. May she finds her way to You and as she earnestly seek You, She will find herself standing in the center of Your Will. in the center of Your love.

I am no prince, I am no saint, I am not anyone's wildest dream but I will stand behind and be someone to fall back on. :)

eszpren, nimsaj, nimsajisoka, jasmin just..
Forgive and
Never Give Up.

a message from your handsome eszpren. bawal kumontra.XD
sebajisoka @ Galvanized into ACTION.

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Princess Jasmin (The Celebration)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

ba't ba ako ang nagbblog neto? parang ako lang yung nagdebut ha. XD
well, anyway. maaga kameng nagpunta sa pagdadausan para makapag rehearse kame.

maya-maya lang dumadating na yung mga visitors and kinakabahan na ko. di ko alam kung bakit. while waiting for jasmin, Ate Anna and Kuya JR hosted the event and we played a game but the game ends, jasmin is not yet in her own party. so we ask them to eat.

minutes after that, while performers were singing, she came. on rush, i went to the projector and start playing the AVP 1. there's a minor crash in the audio but its okay. 

eto yung mga nangyare:

mejo haggard ako. grabe. walang masyadong picture kase projectionist ako. okay lang naman kase nakakausap ko naman din si Aries, Ate Kat, Ate Leny. tapos taimtim din akong nag-aabang sa mga mangyayare. :D

The plan didn't work out. there's a lot of changes but i really bet its better unplanned when you're having fun. XD

HBD JAS! for my next post is my message. wala din kaseng time dun sa pagsulat ng msg. :))

Never Give Up

The Celebration
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Princess Jasmin (The Preparation)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

This is what happened while we're planning for Jasmin's Big Day. this is my side.

Antagal ko na 'tong gustong iBlog kaso baka mabasa ni jas. kaya etoo naa. XD

August 19

My Nanay-nanay-an, Nanay Leny, talked to me regarding the surprise party for Jasmin. I told her that I'm willing to help.

August 26

First meeting with Ate Kat. This is the first time after years. namiss ko to, ate ko to e.
May lagnat ako that time at di nakapagChurch ng morning. e mejo kaya ko naman kaya nag-GO lang ako. We met at Starbucks in ATC but we didn't really bought anything there. we ate at Johnny Rockets. She discuss the outline of the event kahit maingay dahil sa dance numbers ng crew. sobraang cool talaga dun, not to mention the bottomless ice tea and unlimited FRIES. 

September 8

2nd Meeting. I'm with Ate Kat, Ate Anna, Kuya Marc, Ate Cha, Hazel, Jesril and Aries.

I met Aries earlier than the meet up. so we explore at Victory Christian Center. we had a chance to worship God with their congregation. They sang Beautiful Exchange and Salvation Is Here. Hazel was also with us.

we went to Krispy Kreme, waited for Jesril and the others. Coffee and Doughnuts. we got some laughs. jamming (my files corrupted, i lost the video :( ), planning. everything we needed to. 

September 14

My Hard Drive Crash. I need to format it. so I need to re-do every AVP and presentations. I got the idea on my head. so it was easy for me to do it over.

September 17

Meeting with Ate kat at North Park in SM Center Muntinlupa. I showed the AVPs that I recovered and I got the list of the 18s.

September 19

Denise went here in our home to work on the paper design that will be used on the messages. its overnight. unexpectedly.

September 20

I met Ate Kat at SM to buy the greetings card and we went to their home to work on some things. Kuya Arnold was there practicing songs then Ate Leny and Aries went by after few minutes. they fix the box for the gown and wrote a letter for Jas.

then, we need to burn something. I went to aries' home. on guard. jasmin is not home yet but she'll be any minute. we took off safely. burn what we needed to burn. kuya rocky passed us by for a moment and went home after small talks. they all left. Ate Kat slept for a while. I took a nap. and when we woke up. its..

September 21

4am. me and ate kat went to Jasmin's. carrying the surprise gifts. greetings. whatever. I know nahihiya si jas nung may nakita syang camera, kaya naka-3 delete kame ng video dahil full ng full ang memory. eto yung last video:

then, kumaen lang ako saglit kila ate kat and I'm ready to go home.

sobrang antokers ako nun. so natulog ako sa bahay pag-dating ko. nagising ako around 4pm at umalis din kaagad for practice ng ONE THING. kame ni MJ ang nauuna then charlie then practice. then jesril then aries. eto yung video namen nung practice:

nagdala din pala ng dinner si tita leny at pumunta pa dun si jas na nakita kameng nagppractice at dahil ginabi nadin kame kila ate kat. dun na din kame nakitulog. umuwi na din kame kaagad right after magbreakfast then pag-uwi ko. inayos ko yung ilang AVPs na di pa tapos. XD

In the middle of those meetings, I'm working with my friends (Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop). I searched for ideas. I explored creativity in me. Ate Kat's phonecalls/twitter direct messages/facebook chats/SMS. Nanay Leny's phonecalls. overnight with myself. picture downloads. white lies. 

there's more on the next blog. :)

Never Give Up

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Happy Birthday Dendoy!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy Birthday! anu nga bang kaibahan ng late na bumati sa maaga?
well, wag kang maano jan. di talaga kita binati. you know, I'm just into experiment. a social experiment. but anyway, Happy Natal Day Dendoy. matagal na pala tayong magkakilala.  madami nang pinagdaanan. pero sa totoo lang, WALA AKONG MASABE.

so eto lang ang tanging kaya ko:

I thank God everytime I remember you, you're an answered prayer when I ask Him to give me what I need. you're a good friend. A good secret keeper but there is something that you don't know, that is when everybody leaves you and even when the sky falls down on you. You are wonderful. Don't make yourself kawawa. always remember that everything happens for a reason. God has a plan. Don't drown yourself in melancholy when you can't handle it. just move forward. you're not kawawa. you're blessed.

May you find always yourself in the center of God's Will and may your dreams come true.

Never Give Up


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It's about Jesus!

Audition for 34th Year Anniversary

Monday, September 17, 2012

September 2.
kapanahunan ng gustong gusto kong magsayaw. Inspired ako sa Step Up Film Series. so as Jasmin announced that there will be an audition for the 300 dancers. dina ko nag-isip (which i usually do) sumama kaagad ako. 

dumami din kame kase nag-announce kame sa kkbs. si hans, ronnel, karl, mj, charmane, angelica, jasmin at ako. 
nauna na din si jas. so, susunod nlng yung iba. ang saya lang namin sa tren kase nagkukulitan sila, ako nakikitawa lang. mejo, mahaba-habang byahe din pero masaya.

pagdating namen dun nagpractice kame, Tuloy ang awit yung kanta. bali parang review lang yun. btw sa PUP Sta. Mesa yung audition. hinanap muna namen si jas at hinintay matapos yung meeting nila, sa kkb din.  kaya, kwentuhan at tawanan, practice lang kame. hanggang sa dumating na si jas at nagpractice for the last time at may timawag nga samen kung mag-aaudition daw kame kase nagliligpit na.  sumayaw kame, pang 86 ata ako. sobrang nakakakaba nung nandun na kame para sumayaw. pero worth it. di ka kase mapapahiya, ang galing nilang mag-approach.

umuwi na kame pagtapos, nagtren, di pa din naubusan ng energy. although magkahiwalay yung gals sa guys. cool pa din kahit mainit sa tren.  nagJolibee nga pala kame sandali. at tska umuwi. we're looking forward that time na matanggap kame.
ang guess what! we are!

Big Hand for the Lord! now, i realize that nothing is impossible with Him. :D

Never Give Up

If Grace is an ocean. I'm drowning. I'm sinking. I'm blessed.
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