Happy Birthday Dendoy!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy Birthday! anu nga bang kaibahan ng late na bumati sa maaga?
well, wag kang maano jan. di talaga kita binati. you know, I'm just into experiment. a social experiment. but anyway, Happy Natal Day Dendoy. matagal na pala tayong magkakilala.  madami nang pinagdaanan. pero sa totoo lang, WALA AKONG MASABE.

so eto lang ang tanging kaya ko:

I thank God everytime I remember you, you're an answered prayer when I ask Him to give me what I need. you're a good friend. A good secret keeper but there is something that you don't know, that is when everybody leaves you and even when the sky falls down on you. You are wonderful. Don't make yourself kawawa. always remember that everything happens for a reason. God has a plan. Don't drown yourself in melancholy when you can't handle it. just move forward. you're not kawawa. you're blessed.

May you find always yourself in the center of God's Will and may your dreams come true.

Never Give Up


sebajisoka @ Galvanized into ACTION

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