Pektusan Night

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Last friday we had this overnight at hacinth's home. Its an overnight meeting for the youth gathering the next day, because last sunday we only talk about the place and time and date and the speaker. We still don't have activities and back up plans.
I went to pacita with karl, we saw jasmim at watson's. So we went together, well, this is unexpected, we're supposed to be with aries and israel and charlie and joy and hazel. But here we are, the four of us.

We ate dinner, inihaw, yung tenga ng baboy at barbeque. Saraap! With sabaw ng sinigang. While we were eating we talk about different issues in church and kkbs and planned about those things. Its great to have a converasation like this with this people.
Then, hacinth went to pacita to meet nick. There's a momen of silence with karl, jasmin and me. Jasmin's on her phone, karl on his preaching and me on my tablet. Minutes later, we decided to switch the channel of the tv. Grabee! Nangangaen. its the ending of the soap walang hanggan. The moment that we succeed in switching the channel. Its the endin itself. The end is they both died, although its not a good ending, still it is good. My verse kase in the end. :))

So, hacinth went back, we talk about stuffs. Watch videos on youtube, beyonce's dance steps and stuffs and then we set our beds. We then talk about pektus sa *****. Random word yan. Grabe, walang mga pasintabi, kulang nalang translation e. Yan yung highlight ng gabi. We, then, went back to our meeting. The games and slept around 2am just planning. Well, we slept without the final plan. Because we're worried about the weather, the youth na aattend, the food, place, program. .. 

we just prayed about it. We just rest and believe on what's the perfect plan of our God. Its a remembering night. 

Never Give Up


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