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Monday, October 15, 2012

I was in SM Muntinlupa the other day. I'm at foodcourt. I send sms to a friend para may kasama ako. I waited for her for about 30mins? and when she came, she saw another friend. 

we just talked random conversation while I download things on tablet. seems awkward at start because no one really want to open up a topic, we're enjoying the silence and later there's a live band. we watch and request tons of songs, too bad none of those requests granted. nahihiya kase kame magbigay nung papel.

we bought some foods. and this is the best part, we start sharing. first, the schools, we talked about our courses and then love life (about waiting for the plan of the Lord),  favorite courses, I also shared what i read earlier that day about leadership and not giving up, also failure.

we stayed there for hours. I don't keep the track but I really appreciate that evening. I'm with two girls and its really awkward for a guy like me to open up my thoughts, yung serious and meaningful (for me).
so thanks you gals. :)

Forgive and
Never Give Up.

sebajisoka @ Galvanized into ACTION.

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