A Robe

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I've never felt this way before
a winner on the go again with the melt down with a sense of losing
i can't even think straight right now.
so put me in the middle so i may lost in the sea of faces.

a song i used to sing back then changed
the melody is about to unfold in my head
chocolates can't be tamed
sweet salts were not existed

the world have a wide web to ask it out 
waiting for the scream and shout
of the people who cannot be washed out
how do you see me now?

the clean green grass around
the rainbow in the hugeness of the sky
here comes the hero on the horseback
slowly running fast among the trees of darkness

ready to beat the force of the wicked
holding up the sword of light
eyes set on the goal
which no one can even get rid of

but who is he to rescue
a man in his robe
a robe that covers all the things he left behind
a child that can fall down anytime
hiding the fears the he cannot bear out
easily broken, easily cracked 
can't boast on anything when unmasked

he's armored with tears
fighting with fears
crying in the dark orbit of his range
his world is filled with hatred
now, he seeks for the wasted love he used to detest

bumbled face, squander feelings
he's on a robe but he's not a hero
he's on a suit but he had no powers
He is a wallflower, pretending to be strong

Never Give Up


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