Breaking ME AGAIN!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

as the river flows in me through the melody at my back

i don't want to think forward long way through
but in these days, it can be shorten


in the room of emptiness
i can wait, but it makes me imagine what else can happen outside.
what am i supposed to do
rather than talking to myself.

is it to be angry into my own flesh, attitude and character.
sometimes breaking is the only choice that i can see beyond those letters written on the wall i can see how everything can fall apart from now.

why so serious Jabes?
well, why not. I may stop blaming others
but I'll blame myself then.

I know its hard. its hard to be me
I'll put you in my shoes, it might escalated quickly
through your eyes, I may be strong
but this things around me makes me less strong

trapped inside this situation from the past year
it became my comfort zone
it hurts, it breaks but 
I don't want to move

days have passed
I thought Its over
I'll be happier I guess
but its undeniably, unattainable and uncontrollable 
and its breaking me again

Never Give Up


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