Busy Friday

Monday, November 26, 2012

Last Friday I'm a journalist. I interview people for tither's night. they send me the list of people who will testify and I will interview them/record a video while they're testifying.

Lunch time, I went to alabang to search for Dra. Corpuz' Clinic, I can't find it and I end up in Star Mall, nagpalamig lang sandali and I went back to alabang to explore it. andami din palang clinics sa alabang. when I finally find it. I talked to her and start the interview already.

it runs only for about 10 minutes and then, I went to Javier's, I just visit them and told them that I'll be back tomorrow for their turn. I felt welcomed in the canteen, kuya Edzel and I made a conversation about God's goodness. full of wisdom and I'm blessed sa mga sinasabi nya. her wife came by prepare us food. nabusog ako. and continuous yung testimony. I'm with them for about 1-2 hours just talking.

and then I said goodbye to them, and thank them.
I went to festival mall to meet a friend, along the way I saw a former classmate. she's already married. andami na palang nangyare. di ko nalalaman.

Jhet, I met jhetro in festival to help him search for a birthday gift to her ex-gf and he's hoping for another chance. he choose a necklace, and I'm excited, kase surprise yun and I'm a part. 

in Goldilocks where the girl works. I talked to her and greet her a happy birthday! I told her that I'll be on Sunday waiting for her to treat me. she's good with that.. then, Jhetro treat me foods on minidonuts. we're now both excited, although its late we decided to go to Errol's home. we did. XD

we just hang out and talked about life. we went home at 11PM.

Never Give Up


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