Busy Saturday

Monday, November 26, 2012

Saturday, I have this testimony recording with Bro. Edzel. I'm interviewed her for I think 1 hour. I'm so blessed sa works ng Lord sa buhay nila. after the interview thing. I went to Victory Alabang to attend a Saturday Service nila.

I'm blessed to hear lead me to the cross in worship plus my favorite. Higher + Wider + Deeper by citipoint live. the topic was about Zaccheus. its about encounter with God. 
Christ has this power that changed my life and can change anyone's life.
He's knocking at your doors and allow Him to enter in.

after the Victory alabang service, I'm with charlie and we ate Kettle Korn and we're headed to Asian Hospital along the way we saw Cathy. at napakwento kame sa daan, we just wait nalang for Hacinth. when she came, andun na pala si aries sa Asian and waiting for us.

katuwa talaga si Tr. Adel, her attitude sa situation and her family. She lost her right arm. She gained perseverance and faith. much better. Natreat pa kame ng Pizza and Coke. XD


Never Give Up


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