Hannah Joy's Kid's Party @ Jollibee

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Right after the meeting of the leaders in JIL Muntinlupa, I went to SM Tunasan. Its the celebration of Hannah Joy's Birthday. 

We ate @ Jollibee, in the Kid's Party section. I'm with Bro. Orly, Hannah Joy, Charlie, Jasmin, Aries, Hazel, Israel. we talk and laugh so hard. all the jokes we can tell had been told. one of the funniest part is right after we eat. we gave message to joy, wishes and whatevers.  its hard to breathe. We almost die laughing, thank God we're alive. I never heard serious message from them.

as usual, basagan kame, and later charlie perform the Lip sync, too bad katabi nya ko, kaya nadadamay ako. sobrang saya lang. before the day ends, humabol sila ate kat. we took pictures from the newly open Christmas "park" in SM Muntinlupa and of course, we end up the kulitan at asaran pa din with ate kat. 

what a celebration.

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