Love Letters

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

There's love in every letter written
A hope that gets me through the day
Forever is never too long to wait

Some day soon we'll be together
Where a moment lasts forever
And our love shines brighter than the stars
Until then I will remember
Every word and every letter
The promises you've written on my heart

♫ Letters ♪ Stellar Kart ♫

(draft as of January 26, 2012) Its a pretty long day outside and full-of-thoughts-evening for me. out of my rude thoughts I went down from my bed to eat some peanut, it crashes throat. so I drink lots of water, as I went back to my bed, a brief case caught my attention, I opened it up and saw crumpled papers, test papers and pictures. A family Picture, class picture and picture of random memories with friends

I hanged up in each picture while I reminisce the background of every shot and I realized that I was holding the last of it, I feel empty. in short I dig for more. I search in everything my hand touches and I'm on this paper bag, I thought its a new shirt which I didn't know about or just something else but as I open it, that's when I realized that it was my brother's love letter paper bag. (please don't tell him)

I sit comfortably in the ground, ready to pick random letter and then I begun reading everything one by one! sweet! love letters are sweet! You'll know when the letter is so true because it speaks from the heart. as I read the series of month-sary letters I knew it has same message from the previous ones it just differs in wordings and structure. the message is to say sorry and to say I love you in different ways. they express love on letters. the thing is, it never gets old. yes! say it. it has chills and smiles on face of the reader. being in love is spreading out love and activate love hormones and love enzymes. I can feel it word by word. 

I wonder why I haven't received one? I'm not envy. Just wondering, I wish someone has to send me letters like that. (I always wait for it every 29th of November and New Year.)

receiving letters have heartwelcoming feeling to someone who receive it, for me receiving letters are the sweetest, how simple it was doesn't matter or how long or how short as long as it is a letter. I brought back the letters to its rightful place and went to bed with a smile brought by the letters. I was reminded then that I already received letters, simple letters, you don't wanna know how simple it was and I have this longest love letter that I received. it was the sweetest if everything that I've received. it came from my father. my Heavenly Father.

Never Give Up


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