That Night

Monday, November 26, 2012

I can still remember that night
it was full of emotions
its raining, I'm wet
my chest is on burst mode
as i wait for my turn to flip those roses

she doesn't have any idea
on what am I going to do
my knees were shaking
my hands were cold

I don't have friends to cheer me up
but I'm still glad 'cause I can freely look at your smile
without interruption, without second thoughts

I don't have the courage to speak
so I just let it go
I do not know

I can still remember that night
so vivid, seems like yesterday
I can't think of anything as I stare
you're amazed through the happenings
I can see it through your eyes

and then you look at me
I should have drift left or right
but I don't have enough time to decide
I'm lost in the gaze
I'm stunned
the smile on my own face never leaves
and I flash bigger ones
I saw delight in your eyes

I can still remember that night
you're so gorgeous, beautiful and lovely
I can't deny it. I'd agree with it
now, I'm sure what am I looking for
I blow words from my mouth
I wonder if you got it right

the clock is ticking
my heart rhymes with it
and there's a melody on my head
thats fills up the scenery
its perfect
your perfect, too perfect for me.

I can still remember that night
I can still remember your posture
I can still remember your smile
I can still fell for those eyes
now, I can't.. I can't move on from that night

Never Give Up


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