what a Saturday

Saturday, November 03, 2012

I went to church for Practice of JAM/VIA and the TEAM. we have this new set up for the church. all the instruments are on the stage. We practice Revelation Song for special number. I have this laughs from the Triunes kase they're teaching me the steps. unbelievable!XD

we went to Festival Mall after the practice. I'm with my TFs, Charlie, Hacinth and Jasmin. we ate at McDonald's and talk about the sermon. hahaha.. and some other  things including break-up and busted. anyway, after eating at McDonald's we explore around the mall and Charlie treat us in Krispy Kreme. sweet! then Hacinth went to wherever she's going.

Charlie and I helped Jasmin searching for her birthday gift to her friend. too bad we didn't find anything. then this is the best part.. Jasmin and Jabes' begging charlie to treat us to Cinema.. Suddenly its Magic. my throat almost crash begging him, I ran out of ideas. I already used statistics and psychofacts. it didn't work. we went home with a long face. 

in my home, I lay in my bed enjoying the Wifi Connection and later my brother came home and said that Leal family is inviting us for an overnight. so we did go there even its already late. I always thank God for this family. they're always so kind to us. no doubt that they're so blessed.

kakwentuhan ko lang si Yvonne habang naglalaro si Dave. we watched movies and go to sleep around 3am. and I woke up around 6am and I thought I'm on time. but I'm late. I feel sorry for Jasmin. kase sya lang yung Triune na nandun. 

Never Give Up


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