when surprise turns to a sadness

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sunday, 2am.

I can't sleep, It's weird because it's already sunday and I'm not even asleep. so i decided not to sleep I took a bath at 4am, opened the PC, and later took the guitar and sing songs of praises to God.

It's amazing. the feeling. His presence. 

In church, Me and Karl functioned as dance ministers. I can't forget what we did in 2nd service. alam mo yun, pagkatabi mo si karl sa pagsayaw. nadadala ka? so ayun ang ngyare. ang saya lang. and right after ng sayaw, diretcho kame sa likod. Sobrang tuyo yung lalamunan ko at inuubo pa. at nalaman ko namang si karl ay ganun din. tawanan lang kame sa likod. 

Everything goes so well as usual. after the service, You know that God is in the place because of the joy He brought on our faces that day. 
after the service, I went to Festival Mall for a surprise celebration of my long lost friend, Angel Medina.  Here are the pictures:

I know, Angel's not there because its an epic fail surprise. 
Two of my friends were crying that time. hurting and everything. 
Me and Ehloi makes the balance.xD

Jhetro is hoping for 2nd chance and the bad news is, angel's heart is already occupied.
I talked to angel before they all came, she introduced me to her new boyfriend and then I texted jhet that the plan will be cancelled because of the situation and they will celebrate her birthday in the house of her boyfie. XD

Jhetro cried after I told him everything. I can't help but to caress. I feel like there's no words can stop him from hurting. 

Anne came.. crying. her boyfriend just broke up with him. Bakit sabay? hahaha! parang planado lang. They sang in Videoke to release the pain by singing those songs they express the unexplainable hurting in their hearts.

still, we had fun. Tumambay pa kame dun sa Mahiwagang Bato sa Labas ng Festival. XD

Never Give Up


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