December 4, 2012

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

there are times that we don't understand everything we encounter.
we give the conclusion, we get hurt, knowing the falsehood of our statement that we used to believe in crashed our whole being. does those things happen to strengthen us?. but why it seems like it condemns us? to the point where we lay our hands down to the ground, with our faces unrecognized.

being deeply wounded by a mind blowing ghost of me. happy and joyful today but hurt and paralyzed later at night. I'm not sure of things as i interpret the uninterpretable ambiance inside my box-shaped cut open selfish heart.

we don't know what tomorrow can bring but we should be prepared for it as it goes. stronger than ever before with heads up high, ready to face anyone..

Never Give Up

sebajisoka @ Galvanized into ACTION

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