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Enchanting Scenery

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I'm on the busy streets and busy people

With the longing for a wonder under the tree

Every individuals are being captured
Nostalgically amazed in the synchronized beauty
To the ends of the three-sided-face

Teaching myself to calm

On the flare of every movement

Enchanting scenes in flashing

Lights that blurred out as speed hurry
And feelings stirred, mixing everything
Sound seems to fade as we go far away

Waterproof eagerness

Intrigue by the thoughts
Tamed on excitement
Heartfelt agreement

Lovingly watching 

Unspoken appreciation
Native response 
Ardent happiness

12 walks in life

26 claps of glory
2013 Is about to end, This is crazy.



A view from behind

Monday, December 30, 2013

From the noise of the winds in the south
you can feel the breeze of sadness
came from the royal family of blue
It brings nerves to the center

Light burned out to the velocity
Vision blurred out by the speed
everything might go well
but your mind plays a trick

The tickle on the nose
And a scratch on the head
at the glimpse you saw it
two hands together

It never became worse until it became a secret
their silence makes them obvious
Their noise turns them innocent
then keep yourself calm
Until the revelation came in

don't entertain the agony
or the pain or the hurt
take heart
bear everything
and the time will come
You're about to give up
someone from behind will save you
and rescue you


That Night


Monday, December 30, 2013

Place so romantic
Music is slow
I have your hand
You're adorable

We're swaying in the beat
Into each other's eyes
Wanted to break the silence
But became speechless
For getting lost in the gaze

Can't believe I'm holding you now
Hands together, other on your waist and other on my shoulder
Hoping It could last forever

But I heard something
I needed to go
Yet I don't want to
Time is up
Didn't want to say goodbye

I'm glad to be a part
I always treasure this
It will be forever in my head

I hope that we can do it again
And again. With much more
Much more emotion
Much more feeling



My World. My Home. My Story.

Monday, December 30, 2013

My story wasn't interesting enough
Well, I tried so hard to make milestones and changes in this world
But sometimes the world looks big that my motivation shinks down
I lose inspiration, I lose motivation, I lose strength

Along the way many will Inspire us and motivate us
They boost our excitement and make us realize
That the world was not actually this planet
That the world isn't this planet earth
The world is actually where we lived in

We call this.. Home

We have homes
To know where your home is
Is to know where your world is
Fighting for our 'home' is worth dying for.

Making changes in this planet seems impossible
A coin in a bucket
But we can start in our home
In our known world
And maybe one day, just maybe..
Your story will be spread throughout the earth

My story wasn't interesting enough
Then she came
In my heart
In my life
In my world

We're not happy at all times
We fight
We argue
But all of the sudden I realized
That this connection is worth dying for..
'Cause she became my home
'Cause she became my world


All about her

A Knight Wanna Be

Monday, December 30, 2013

A palace, shinning in winder, spreading out colors of majesty.
Winds are cold, feeling so sweet
I'm stuck in this point of view
I saw hues and waves of beauty

A princess, under the shadow of the king
Protected, guarded and secured
beauty is all over her
Her voice so soft
Hair so good
Dress so glamarous

And there's this man
A knight wanna be
Faceless, unidentified
Not used into swords and armors

Doesn't even fight in wars
Desperate, longing and in love
Willing to do everything for her
He's hiding, can't boast on anything

In this world where fairy tales doesn't exist
How can be a man, a knight wanna be would won the princess
It takes time and effort
More than imagination
Pain and suffering
More than delusion
Heartbreaks and headaches
More than you could ever think of

How long will he survive
Does the happy ending belongs to him and her
What will happen by that

Surely, I don't know.
But I konw someone who writes stories and make it happen.


It's about Jesus!

Worship Explosion

Monday, December 30, 2013

Today's Breaking News

  • Green tea kitkat, "J" Keychain, baller..
  • On 2014, Grace will be the one handling the Multimedia, Pastora said. It's her launching pad and I'm excited for her. I'll be just backing her up if there's any problem.
  • On the 1st day of January, Me and my brother and some of my friends will be having a house-to-house tour. Langgam, San Pedro, Pacita, Muntinlupa.


What really happened today is simply different?!
This is the first time, we will be a part of Worship Explosion. It's the annual gathering of Christian Churches in Muntinlupa. Although our goal is to play as a band. God sets everything under His time. Dancing is our respond, 2 different special number.

We practiced dance steps since yesterday for this.

And as always, laughter didn't leave us hanging around. There will be something funny, every single time.

After the practice, we fixed ourselves, we prayed as a team for the number. I felt the hassles. I feel sorry for those people I interrupted. Then, It's worship explosion! 2nd and 4th on the program. All the participants prayed together in a room. So blessed with Pastor Neil.

Me and Karl ate 'that burger'.
Later, we sit around and take pictures around. This is funny. We just pose for a shot and people starts taking pictures of us. Including those we do not know.

Cheer up for them! Whooo! 
As I watch from a distant. I was stunned?! Yeah. Something hit me. Right in the head.
and. yeah. neh. I watched them seeing some faults and blames. JK! 

I'm amazed. Honestly! I wanted to cry! I feel proud!
every time I hear shouts and claps from the crowd. I want to shout: KKB yan. Mga friends ko yaaaan.

I don't know why I felt that.
Maybe they're just good. You know what I mean by this.  :D
As I stand amazed. I suddenly forgot about our dance number.
I'm not worried or in nerve. I just want to enjoy the upcoming moments.

We went to the CR to practice some more and pray together again.
and here we go again. Our turn. We didn't dance perfectly but we're joyful. That's all we need. Because even If it's not perfect, God is pleased with us as we do it for Him.

We invade the front stage. with KKB Southville. we had fun. lots of it.
A great worship event in ending the year! :D



KKB Christmas and Year-end Party

Sunday, December 29, 2013

The KKBs have this Christmas and Year-end Party last December 27, 2013

I shared about Hosea.
We played games. We talked. We eat. It's amazing. minus the hassles. XD

Fried Chicken
Exchange Gift
Jesus! :))



My Christmas Playlist

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I just want to share my Christmas playlist for this year. It seems like nothing changed.
but here you go:

Silent Night/Away In A Manger - Relient K
Christmas Shoes - FM Static
12 Days of Christmas - Relient K
Dati (Christmas Version) - Sam Conception, Tippy Dos Santos, Thyro Alfaro and Yumi Lacsamana
I Hate Christmas Party - Relient K
Christmas Must Be Something More - Taylor Swift
I Celebrate The Day - Relient K

Those are the songs that's on repeat during Christmas Eve and some earlier days.
Relient K consumed my playlist. My favorite so far is I Celebrate The Day. why?
Listen to the Soooong!

and  Taylor Swift's Christmas Must Be Something More, which is really cool. Didn't expect any song like this from her.


It's about Jesus!

The Christmas Time Travel

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I want to time travel. I mean. Right now. I want to go back in time, not to change the wrong things I've done, not to tweak some stuffs. but to witness the actual birth that changed the world forever. the birth of the Messiah. The birth of Jesus.

What will be my reaction seeing the most famous Man in history, the inspiration of Christmas songs, the star of the 66 books of the bible, the most controversial person in the world. I'll be in awe. that's for sure. 

Seeing the greatest gift of all.
The boy that change how the world works
The law and the prophets testify of this Star
The most anticipated Hero in the old testament
The One that makes the broken marriages whole
The One who sets the captives free
The Father to the fatherless
The Hope to the hopeless
The One who changes lives
He who brought life to the dead
The greatest sacrifice for humanity

My Bestfriend.
My Savior.
My God.
My Jesus.

Well. Time travel seems impossible by now. Maybe I'll just wait for my entrance to heaven.
I guess, It's the same awe that anyone will feel when they stepped into eternity.


It's about Jesus!

What Christmas is about?!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

After years of celebrating Christmas, I finally asked this question, in a what I consider a deeper way. What Christmas is about?!

Some says its
A season of rejoicing.
A season of giving.
A season of rejoicing.
A season of love.
A season of joy.
A season where you look over at those bad things that happened in your life because you know life is good.
A season of reunion.
A season of eating.
A season of reminiscing.
A season of gift receiving.
A season of hiding from godchildren.

Partly true. I believe that its only a result of the true meaning of Christmas. Because the fact remains.. That Christmas is the day we celebrate Jesus' birthday. Although we don't have any official record in the bible or history of His birth, but some influential people agreed about setting His day on the 25th of December.

What does Christmas literally means?!
Let me define it to you by breaking it into two, literally.

Christ = Messiah, It's a title. In case you didn't know. Just like PhD, Egr. Dr. Ptr. Its a title used for Jesus. So whenever you say Jesus Christ, you're declaring that Jesus is the Savior. 

Mas = Is a slang for mass.

Christ + mas = Christmas.
(Like duh?! Simple math equation. XD)

Christmas literally means Christ's mass.
And soooo, Whenever there's church service where Christ is talked about, It's Christmas. Whenever there's a gathering where Christ is talked about.. It's Christmas.

It also means Christian's mass.
Hmm. We're getting specific here huh?!

In greek, X represent Christ.
So, is it okay to use Xmas portraiting Christmas?!

Probably not.
Some people argue about this. They say its like replacing Christ in Christmas. But nom they're not. Many of us simply don't acknowledge Christ in Christmas. Jesus Himself told us in Luke 9:58

"Foxes have holes and the birds if the air have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay His head."

A sad truth.

But for me, Christmas is the celebration of God-stepping-to earth-as-flesh to live with us, to make a way for us, to die for us even if there's no chance of many of us to turn to Him and to show His obsessement towards humanity, whenever It's Christ's mass or Christians' mass.


It's about Jesus!

JIL Norfil 23rd: Arise and Go Forth

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Jesus Is Lord Church Norfil celebrated their glorious 23rd Anniversary at Norfil Bldg. Muntinlupa City, with their theme "Arise and Go Forth" which encourage the church to evangelize. For It is the greatest responsibility of the church.

"You are my witnesses" is battle cry, based on the theme verse, which can be found in Isaiah 43:10.

Everyone's preparing on the morning watch. The worship leaders, the instrumentalists, the dancers, the usherettes and all the workers. They're earnestly seeking God for the favor and the victorious celebration of His faithfulness to this church.

Hacinth, together with music ministry lead the worship that morning. while Sis. Molly and Sis. Elvie host the event as they introduce the speakers, Ptr. Edna Asunssion of JIL CAA for 1st service and Ptr. Jeric Magallanes of JIL Pamplona for 2nd service.

The church had anointed speakers. They speak boldly as they encourage everyone to speak out and live out the Word of God. to be witnesses to nations. They speak words of prayers after the sermon and we had our celebration party.

sets of special numbers had been performed. From the Children to women and couple of numbers from the youth. God's presence have been felt in the place. The joy in our hearts as they conclude everything with a prayer.

To God be the Glory


It's about Jesus!


Friday, December 06, 2013

They are the ones we loved seeing in the sky.
The rainbow after the rain

I remember granny, a faithful church worker.
One time, I met her in our church's entrance staring at the rainbow in the ground.
As a student I know that It is formed through a process of bending light, refraction. Different colors bend in various angles.
When light from the sun enters a droplet of rain, it refracts a tiny bit causing the colors of light to spread apart, the light then bounces, or reflects, off of the back of the droppled and refracts once again as it leave the dropplet on the same side it entered.

Neh! I just search this by now. All I know when I was a student, rainbows are formed because of rain and sunlight and reflection. Yeah. Rainbow is science. blah blah.

but granny, do something weird. something kids loved to do. Catch the rainbow. She went on the ground and allow the rainbow to reflect on her skin. Well, I don't want to ask her what's she's doing because I will be disrespectful.

But know what? she tell me something important.
Something that blows me away. She said that..

It is a symbol of God's covenant to Noah.
Rainbow means no more Sinked-Earth.

Science thought me that rainbow is 'cause by the sun. rain. reflection.
But God holds everything together. He can remove reflection on earth. even the sun nor the rain. And can still create a rainbow.

Rainbow is a symbol of God's promise. More than science can explain.
maybe that's a reason why they're wonderful.


It's about Jesus!


Thursday, December 05, 2013

It never turned out as expected. the glamorous thoughts and ideas dropped down to its finest. Someone knew exactly what I needed and when I needed it. I'm being flexible by now.

for the 21 years of this existence. Heyaah! I think Its about time to be brave enough and stop hiding inside. Its time to bristle. It's time for eruption. Don't you think?! All this time what I thought is good enough. Well, All this time I'm believing a big lie. I became stubborn and unagitated. The force can't push me anymore. And later on, I recognized my problem. I'm not moving. It's ironic to label this blog as Galvanized into ACTION. Exciting? Stimulating? 

Hey! Guess what. It didn't work for me. So today. from now on. Let's change ends. Let's change courts. Didn't work for me? I'll make it work. Maybe its not about the label that motivates people in some way. Maybe on how we see those things and turn those thoughts into things.

Wait. Isn't it really exciting? 
This journey will have more laziness, happy-go-lucky moments, trouble and everything. Even arguments with oneself, but I'll make changes. I know I can't do it on my own. So, can I ask you something? Can you pray for me? This is really tough on my side. But I'm willing to go on with this. If you can push me, It'll be more appreciated. I want someone who will make me realize what I'm doing. 

It's going to be great. :)
Wait. No. Its GREAAAAAAT! 
I'll be brave. Hmm. 

I'm brave. 
Who wants a piece of me?
Come ooon! 
Bring it on! 

Philippinas 4:13
I can do all things to Christ who strengthens me.


Cause it's been fear
That ties me down to everything
But it's been love, Your love
That cuts the strings

So long status quo, I think I just let go

You make me wanna be brave
The way it always was is no longer good enough
You make me wanna be brave
Brave, brave

I've never known a fire that didn't begin with a flame

And every storm will start with just a drop of rain
But if You believe in me that changes everything


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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

I woke up at 6am through the shouts and noise of my little brothers while they are preparing for school. I'm just lying in my bed helpless as they throw anything in my face, punch every single muscle in me and nag about my age. they're so lovely.

Like I what I do in the past. I ignore those greetings first.
It's a great day. why? For this is the day that the Lord has made.
I realized that this is not about me. It's about Him. His goodness.

What happened next is my mom's act of invitation for my handa, and like what I always say: bahala po kayo. But all I want is spaghetti. Forevur love. And Chocolates and Cupcakes and Cheese. Forevur loves.

Then, she cooked me pancit, which I appreciate. then some give us soda and then later a cake. Yih! I received lots of greetings from our neighborhood. I also saw the usual One Day Fame from Facebook. Thanks to Facebook, many will remember your day. And bless you also.

My day went by, I slept on my bed and later exchanging tweets and SMS with my awesome pals. And then I prepared for going to church. I'm waiting for an empty jeepney to stop in front of me but I realized It's Friday and It's rush hour.

So it means. I have to take this moment to talk to myself and to the Lord. I started to walk. From bayanan to putatan. All I do is to sing while I step slowly along the road of the unknown. Its a great moment to unwind, seeing those people pass me by, then I thought, What do they know? Is there anyone in them know that it is my birthday? or Is there anyone out there walking like what I do in the midst of this people celebrating their birthday like me?

In a parallel universe maybe.

I arrived the church. I'm late and sweaty. I change clothes in comfort room and started to be amazed with this wonderful day. I don't know but I'm actively listening. HAHA! Totally not me. I really feel God's closeness. There's no chill or goosebumps but I experience unspeakable and unexplainable joy.

I appreciate their prayers over me. So blessed. And to end the gathering. I talked to my beloved KKBs for few minutes and mingle with them. It's a lovely day!

My day ends by reading birthday letters and staring at the gifts I have received. and of course the blowing of the cake through my nose. XD

It's so sweet I wanna jump and shout and dance and spin and do it all over again and again.

Thank you po! *o*


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20 and It's fading

Thursday, November 28, 2013

November 27, 2013 - Sobrang namangha ako sa araw na 'to kaya kailangan kong ishare.

"Iinvite lang sana kita sa pre-birthday celebration mo! Hahaha! XD"
Text sa'kin nung kaibigan kong alien. Ininvite nya ko sa sariling kong birthday party. Pre-Birthday Celebration. O diba? Andame nyang alam. Well, Kaya ko nga 'to kaibigan eh. November 26 palang nung nagtext siya kaya pwede pa 'kong humindi. Pero ang plano ko talaga ay magcelebrate ng Pre-Birthday sa 28. Which is matutulog lang ako, Oo, the whole day. Since may dumating na invitation na hindi ko naman mahindian.

Change of plans.
Magkikita kame sa may shell sa may Ayala. Nakarating ako ng dun ng 'di ko sinasabe sa kanya, iniisip ko kase kung saan sya manggagaling. tapos tineks ko na sya nung mahimasmasan na 'ko. Habang hinihintay ko s'ya, tinititigan ko naman ang sarili ko sa salamin. 

"Ang gwapo ko, syete. Nababakla na 'ko sa sarili ko. My goshh!"

Sabe nung lalake dun sa CR. Baliw ata. Nung nakita ko siyang tumatawid na sa kabilang kalsada. 'di ko na maitago 'yung ngiti ko. OMG! She's here. What to do?! What to do? tapos nakita ko 'yung panyo ko. sinubukang itakip sa mukha ko para di nya ko makita. pero too late na. Nakatawa na siya sa'kin.

Mukha lang talaga akong shongek nun. Gusto ko na naman itago 'yung sarili ko sa ilalim ng lupa. 
Naglakad kame papuntang sakayan pa-SM Aura. Tahimik lang kame. Ewan ko ba. Nagrereserve lang siguro kame ng boses namin kase magtutuos kame mamaya, paubusan ng kwento 'yun. It's been a while since the last time we have this kind of conversation.

Testing the waters moment in the bus on the way to SM Aura. 
Tease here and there. Laughs over our voices and smiles on our lips.We loved to do this. Really. And I'm so grateful for this moment. It's funny when we recall the first time we're in this place. I took my journal to see the date for myself and she took her phone to check on her notes. We argue about it and then think about what happened that day. We're crazee.

SM Aura Premiere
The next thing I know is we're walking inside the mall. Exchanging thoughts and stuffs on our heads. We first search for this dome called Samsung Hall. Yeng Constantino will have a concert there. I just want to check it out. and then we explore around. look for new stuffs and new things we can talk about. It's a long walkathon with this friend of mine.

When we came up in our senses. We finally sat comfortably in this pink and purple themed tea shop. a place, perfect for the two of us. As usual, we had a long time of conversation from topics ranging but are not limited to: School, Life and Chicken.

but when we're reminded of the main purpose of this weird-two-pair-gathering we started to express contemptuous laughter and massive irritation (on my part) towards what's happening. why? because it's..


The grand-tell-day is the day where we tell every thing, from the day her curiosity has been filled up and my cliffhanging needs to be continued. Questions had been raised and answers had been given. This day confronts a particular event: The Game, the Awesome game of mine. It is full of mystery and weirdness. and It really took my breath away from question number 1 to the sweet revelations afterwards. I feel humiliated as I answer those questions. I also find raging anger in her eyes, so I have no choice but to obey. I've never seen her like this before, and honestly, I want to punch her in the face then run for my life and hide with her in the remaining years of my existence.

But of course I didn't do that and I don't want to. See how the word 'Honestly' used? Anyone can use it without accessing it's meaning. but anyway. for about 4 hours, I think, we've been arguing happily and joyfully, in our seat. We also do some weird acts of weirdness in our speeches. aaand yes. we have an awesome question and answer portion with the participation of pen and paper. That's how unearthly we are somehow? And time runs faster that time.

Before leaving the teashop, she handed me something, a white-colored-box. Don't know what's inside but she said, I can only open it on my birthday. Soo much agony for the moment. We should end at Ayala Triangle, but we end up discovering some cool places in the mall. Such as the Samsung Hall on rooftop and its surroundings. Too bad it's raining but we appreciate the view from the top. It's amazing.

We continue our talks in the bus on our way home. It's a great day for my Pre-Birthday Celebration. Too good for me. So thankful. :)


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Birthday masterplan

Thursday, November 28, 2013

That moment when all the plans for the weekend have been cancelled.
Should I be sad or what? This weekend, I should be in 1 of the following places:

Star City

Enchanted Kingdom
SM Aura (Yeng's Concert)

It's a great day to spend my birthday tho, but I think I'll stick to the 1st plan that popped into my head months ago. Lemme share it to you.

On 28th, I'll be sleeping all day long.

On 29th, 

  • I'll woke up at 5am to jog at baywalk, bayanan and leave a note to my family
  • Explore the Sunken Garden and be amazed in God's wonderful creations
  • Festival Mall for my Birthday article
  • And I'll end in Madrigal Business Park
Loner type celebrant. Well?! Who cares?
I'm already blessed. Alone with God. Yipee. :)

but I don't think it will happened. You see, there are things due for tomorrow. 
still blessed by activities.


Patty @ 18

Thursday, November 28, 2013

"Tawa ng tawa sila sa inyo." - MamaDear, talking about the reaction of the individuals about my new sideline.

and no. no. no. I'm not a clown. I don't even look like one, but just like clowns, my new sideline involves a birthday party. :)

Today, I woke up with my un-snoozeable and living alarm clock, also known as my mom. She woke me up for 1 great reason: I have to. 
No, really, after my mom's raging shouts, I woke up. why she woke me up?
well, I have a meeting. A meeting with my childhood playmate and her cousin. we will be hosting a debut. a debut of their another cousin and my friend, also.


I'm quite confident about this 'cause I already host a debut earlier this year, and I did it alone and it has no program and it's on the spot. And if you ask me how was it. It was EPIC. Sooo Epic that it fails. but someone contradicts "It's not epic fail.. Galing mu nga eh. Impromptu. Haha. Nakss. Btw, that's a compliment" a close friend told me. To be honest, I want to host but I don't see any skills in hosting with me. So I set it aside.

and now. here I am talking to my new found friends about our plan, the program and some scripts. our brains mushed-up altogether for a purpose, to celebrate Patty's 18th with comedy and fun. And then we ate our breakfast at 11am, by the way we started the meeting around 9am.

We don't really have a script but we have assignments. we paste twists on the program and the common 18s. Here's what we come up with:

18 Gifts with Trivia Questions

18 Candles, Messages about good health and about study are strictly prohibited, anyone who will be found guilty must pay us hundreds.
18 Chocolates, We prepared crazy and obvious questions for the kids
18 Roses, every guy must have a pick up line before dancing with the debutante.

It was fun, although some of our jokes gone by wind, we still have faithful fans who stayed with us (thanks to my mom and my brother and our families). I'm so thankful with them. I'll never give you in detailed stuffs. Pictures were not yet uploaded. :(

In the end. still, I don't consider myself good in this field but I'm humbled by their response. I see that they've enjoyed the party and laugh about our lame jokes. I hope for more parties! :D

It happened last November 9.



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Feel The Love

Monday, November 25, 2013

"Happy Birthday Jebs. We love you. HAHA"

She told me this right before she leave. I totally not expecting those words from her. I mean, who would say that to me? Really?! This is so significant that I can't ignore and contain. The reason I'm posting this. LOL

I don't want to think if it's true or what. It will just complicate everything. but I want to feel the luvyes. feel the love. I want to close my eyes and repeat the scene again and again. Until it becomes a melody. It's music to my ears. 

What I learn from this is (1.) when you have something nice to say, say it.
why? You'll never know how your words will touch a person.
And (2.) Don't be afraid to say how much you love someone.
and (3.) You never really know who loves you. :))

Now, I'm wondering, does she think that I'll appreciate what she said?
or does she thought about this, that I'll be blogging about what she said?

well, we don't know.
what I know is I need to feel the luv.


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"Parang bestfriend na din kita eh."

Monday, November 25, 2013

"Parang bestfriend na din kita eh."

She told me during her birthday few months ago. and hearing words like that make my heart roar like a lion on the wild. I always think of 'bestfriend' and 'Jabes' are antonyms. I mean, it contradict everything. so for me, It's(best friend) a word type of present wrapped with love. ayi. much.

So anyway, I'm not gonna talk about it now. I'm going to share about what happened. After doing my "takas" to the elders. I went straight  right to Festival Mall. I met my friend outside the mall, where she told me so. We should go somewhere where we should be doing something important. but we end up talking over the stairs.

We talked about many things in life and I love the way how she viewed it. She relates movies and everything in life and God's participation in our journey in it.   She shares about many things at first and later I do almost all the talking. And I discover new thing about me. I love sharing and telling stories.

we also talked about our interrupted conversation few weeks ago. I really feel glad to have friends like her. Yey! I'm surrounded by awesome people. and I'm learning from them. really. Because if not. I'll never gonna blog about this. what will be the point right?

We stayed for about 2 hours just talking. and learning from each other (Okay. Let's just assume that she learned something from me) I really enjoy the 2 hours we had. but I feel guilty about someone. I assumed that she's busy. and there you gooo. She's not after all. too bad.

I really enjoy this day. So blessed and so equipped.


It's about Jesus!


Friday, November 22, 2013

I'm on an overhaul. yes. I'm trying to fix some things in my life.
Eliminating things that are not for me.
Taking things that are meant for me.
it may sound selfish but, let me be selfish for a while, besides it is in your mind only. I'm being selfish to be selfless. complex. right.

I'm re-creating. rebuilding. re-flaming my dreams. I lost it years ago. and I want it back. I want my life back. A life of dreams and wonders. I want m
y old point of view about life and what's ahead. and of course, with the help of God.

Pathetically speaking, in these past few years I've been shooting aimlessly. 

Now, I'll make sure it's bulls eye. I believe, I'm already equipped and I keep equipping myself with wisdom and knowledge.
It's time to put things into practice. and I already working on my Master Plan that I keep on rediscovering and re-overhaul-ing, depending on what God has planned. As I prayed before..

If Your plan is to make me realize the importance of planning, and making me plan for myself and later ruin it. I would be glad. It emphasized that You have better plans than I have. that I should stick to Your plan. And this time, I trust You.

So, I'm on an overhaul. As the dictionary said:

Over - Extending directly upward from
Haul - Pull or drag with effort or force

Pulling my life upside to its end and re-create dreams that God above planted in my heart.
And in association with this 'recreation' here's my new anthem. :))



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When November Came

Thursday, November 21, 2013

I've been trying to bring colors to my day. really! but then I realize that why should I?
why is it important to me to celebrate that day?

when November came, I wished for a night full of stars.

when November came, I set goals for myself.
when November came, plans after plans are rushing in my head.
when November came, I tried pouring meaning to my everyday.

maybe this is a wake up call.
maybe I'm just learning things.
maybe God set this altogether to reveal Himself to me.

I don't know. I'm not sure. and I'm always like this. I wonder how can I go on from this.

Somebody! Punch me in the face! Real hard! 


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A lonely stargaze

Monday, November 18, 2013

after of almost-half-a-month of raining every evening, I finally received my simple prayer for this month: cold and starry nights. but I have this problem. A one huge problem. I can't watch the night sky in our home. There are hindrances and I can't just look up all night, my neck might collapse.

I saw the beauty of the moon last Friday and It's so wonderful. I can't stop looking at it. It's so bright and it makes me wanna dance. and that split seconds of glance makes me decide that Saturday, I'll satisfy my desire. I went to baywalk right after the church practice. I want to talk to someone and spend the night under this huge sky.

But, I'm here. Alone. Watching the sky. those tiny white dots in the midst of darkness.
I tried talking to myself but I'm lost for words.
My hands under my head, I lie in the grass. I don't care if I'm alone. 'cause I'm not.
I want to spend this quiet evening with the Creator.

The extensive beauty in front of me symbolize the power and wonders of my God.
I know, He's here in the place where I'm lying in.
I'm know He's beside me. waiting for my talk.
this night makes me realize that everything else in this world is really senseless if not done for Him.

After drowning myself by the beauty of His creation. I know that there are lots of things I should be thankful for.
There are simple things around us that we take for granted. It's sad that we don't acknowledge such things.
maybe they're right, Its easy to see negative things than positive one.
For many of us were trained to focus on negative things and bad news.

If all things work together for good. maybe it is safe to say that bad things doesn't really exist.
maybe with some exception done by the evil ones.

This is a wonderful day.
The highlight?
The moon. The stars. The sky.
He keeps everything in tact for His glory. (sorry, I really have lots in my mind)
what a wonderful God.


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An Imaginary Placard

Saturday, November 16, 2013

"Thank you sa pagiging patient mo and for being a good listener kahit nonsense yung words ko." my friend told me the other day. and honestly, I'm touched. I can't explain the feeling but it makes me doubt. I was thinking of the meaning of a 'good listener'. "Am I qualified in the description?'' probably not, but this friend believed in and see it and feel it. Should I believe?

after split seconds of my minds argument about oneself, I recognized that I should leave it that way. Unanswered. why? I always want to listen to people rather than doing all the talking, I'd rather be quiet and be still while others are raging and telling their stories. I love stories. I love hearing those people share about their lives and eventually learn from them and from those stories.

and I realized that being labeled as a 'good listener' doesn't make me a good listener. being a good listener labeled me as one. (Hi complexity in explanation.) and I'm telling you this not to write an imaginary placard on your eyesight that whenever you see me there's something in me that says "talk to me, I'm a good listener". You see. I just love hearing stories. So I keep on asking. although sometimes I'm not interested due to some circumstances but whenever you give me an excitement. You should arrange your story and give me the plot.

Maybe I'm a good listener.
Maybe I'm not.
Maybe I'm just a listener.
Maybe just for some people.

but here's a truth. We need someone whom we can share our fairy-tale-type of stories and/or even the most senseless one.
or someone who will scream with you in your horror stories.
and someone who will always be there beside you writing those stories with you.


With Hearts As One

Thursday, November 14, 2013

I went to Philippine Red Cross in Muntinlupa yesterday to volunteer. I really wanted to help. Coincidentally, ate kat invited us in a volunteer work. I also contact the KKBs to join us, if they're available. They respond to the call but they have responsibilities, can't make it. Kuya Joas and I went directly to PRC-Muntinlupa.

We're both excited volunteering. And we talked about the typhoon and the affected areas. We talked to the person in charge and she said that there are no work to do for the relief, they're still waiting for some donations but she gave us forms. we're assigned in the relief area. I thought we will tearfully go home but no. after awhile, donations came rushing inside. at first we were sorting goods such as sardines, sardines in pack, canned dishes and meet loafs and tunas and everything, then the next thing I know is the volunteers were playing catch. throwing and catching mineral waters, sacks of rice on repeat. 

muscles pushed into the limits. body pain today. 
In the middle of the work. My mind is working for some article already. 

As I pass the waters box after box, I'm amazed. why?
'cause I don't know who this person beside me who keeps on giving me weights and it seems endless.and on the other side, another person keep asking me for weights, what's with this people?! I don't know anyone of them, well except for kuya joas and the girl who's pouring out rice in the relief bags. Aside from them. I don't know the rest, approximately there's about 50 people with me.

but you know what?
we don't know each other's name or where we came from or what our life situation we're having in that moment of our lives. we may have difficult personal problems and heartaches. 

but you know why?
as we pass the heavily waters and tons of rice, as we packed those goods and arranged everything to be in order. you'll see that we all have one purpose. one heart. the main reason why we're here.

they choose to set aside those personal life situation and volunteer for the affected communities in Visayas. all we want is to help, to extend our hands to those in need and to give a hug to those in grieve. That in simple ways. in simple terms. we're blessing them. it may not be huge compare to other people but this isn't solely about them, it is also fulfilling the desires of our hearts. to pour some aid and assistance.

and another thing, it will never be in vain.

this is our calling, our calling is to serve.
when Jesus was with the disciple as they argue about who's the greatest in God's kingdom.

“If anyone wants to be first, he shall be last of all and servant of all."

“Whoever receives one child like this in My name receives Me; and whoever receives Me does not receive Me, but Him who sent Me.”
Matthew 9:33-37

After the volunteer work. we ate like a child in the mall. 

and have some muscle relaxation. where?
Extreme Coaster and Shooting in arcade.

Thanks to kuya Joas
Thanks to Jasmin
Thanks to ate Kat.

Thank God for the strength. I didn't know I have it.


It's about Jesus!


Monday, November 11, 2013

I've been thinking all day on what topic to share for today. Sadly, I can't think of any. The end.Neeh. I'm trying to be serious here, so help me. hmm yeah.

I'm reading God's Word earlier today when I read about Matthew 8:23-27. It's about Jesus calm the storm. Its amazing that even though I read this couple of times before, God gives me new revelations. And I'll share this tomorrow on prayer meeting. but what I'm going to talk about today is.. Storm.


Last Sunday, I don't know where to go. I don't usually went home early in Sundays and I don't want to go home early that Sunday. and I have no friends with me 'cause they have their own appointments. I also try approaching someone but sadly, situation doesn't allow us. But I already decided to go somewhere. 

Going home, I passed through our house directly to Festival Mall. I don't know exactly what to do that time. I went up to Powerbooks to start my afternoon. I read a book. I'm already on page 55. I'm planning to finish it in that store. (mean me.) and after the few chapters I explore the mall, looking at the people around and I decided to attend another service, Victory Christian Fellowship.

I heard awesome rendition in the worship. and in the news section of the service, before the preaching starts, the pastor talks about Yolanda, my heart suddenly feel the compassion. my eyes woke up for what I heard. Its really dreadful. The call for me is to help, in any means. The church seek for help, they accept donations and they are organizing a team to send those goods in tacloban. And I wanted to help. I don't know how. I went home asking myself what to do.

Today, I finally watch the news for myself and see what destruction yolanda gave us. Seeing those people and hearing their call for help, breaks my heart. I want to cry with them. As I watch series of tears I whisper prayers for them.

I don't usually post something like this in my blog. 'cause this is my blog and all I think about is myself. maybe this is the time for me to stand up and grow up. People need help. Let's send them hope! I recently receive a message regarding Yolanda, she seeks for someone who will help. I'll go. I'm willing. In simple terms, I pray that I may contribute something.

Lord, help them.


It's about Jesus!

Service, Training, Practice and Anniversary

Friday, November 08, 2013

A pretty long Sunday.

I just want to blog this. to fill my hunger. 
Last Sunday was a long Sunday. Well, many of my Sundays this year are long Sunday but let me tell you what happened. November 3, 2013.Of course, Sunday Service with my family and my beloved friends.We learned about soul winning and the need for it. and we attend our life groups. Fun and excitement within our groups.

then, we attend the training. the topic was "The Lordship Of Jesus Christ"
questions raised up, answers giving in. it was fun, indeed. we participate and learn together. and after few hours of arguments and fun. the KKB Band will have a practice.

My Tribute Medley by Israel Houghton, I have a great friends of singers and musician. they're great! awesome. who told you that we can make something today. They're just plainly awesome and gifted with much talent. but above all, we're under God's grace. we can't boast on anything. I played the Bass Guitar, Jasmin on Guitar also Jeremiah. Aries on Drums. Our singers are the worship leaders: Hacinth, Hazel, Joy and Charlie.

after the practice. we have to go somewhere. Cathy invited us to attend the 15 Anniversary of Victory Alabang. Aaaand we do so. but we bond 1st while waiting for the last session. we ate at KFC. thanks for the treat friends. (This is where I broke my no-softdrink record for months, grace please! XD) it was fun, hiding some funny and serious stories. 

before 7pm passed we went up to the 4th floor and see tons of people. then we saw books, so we stopped by there and after minutes. we went inside, the service starts with a blast. singing old songs. they told us that those are the songs they sing 15 years ago. I'm blessed to what I see and feel. God has always been faithful to churches like this. and then we listened to a Chinese Pastor. An anointed pastor. He's funny and speak right from the Word. You should hear the podcast on their website  Pastor's name: Jackie Su. we also have a bonding with Lovelea, who was part of the intermission number during the offering.and also the discount card for around 20 stores in Festival Mall and even around the nation. Cool!


It's about Jesus!

Their Prayers

Thursday, November 07, 2013

My good friend Aries was closing the life group with a prayer. As I close my eyes and agree with the prayer items he utter, I suddenly hear my name on the prayer items. Normally, I act like I'm expecting it but no. whenever someone's praying, I don't look forward that they would pray for me too, rather, I'd lay my hands over my group and intercede for them. it was then I thought about sharing it.

Its always been a sweet scent to me when my fellow KKBs and friends prayed over me whenever they are assigned to pray in our life group. I appreciate that they include my name in the list of prayer items, even If I didn't asked them to. In their simple prayers I feel that I am loved. Their prayers means they care and they love me. Many times in their prayer I feel lightened and strengthened, realizing that I'm not alone in this journey. That I have them, my fellow followers and of course the One who never leaves, The One Great Intercessor of all. 

I would also like to say Hi to my prayer partner. I know it's weird on how we became prayer partners. And you might think that I forced you too. but anyway I always appreciate you. I know you've been praying for me since then. I may not know exactly what time of the day that you are praying but I want you to know that I'm praying for you too. I would like you to meet the results one day. Let's cherish the answered prayers together. 

It's an honor to be called your prayer partner, my prayer partner. thanks again.

And in their prayers for you their hearts will go out to you, because of the surpassing grace God has given you.  2 Corinthians 9:14



God's Not Dead

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

"To say there is no evidence for this creator is like saying thousand of paintings in an art museum couldn't have been painted because there are no artist visible in the gallery." - Rice Broocks

I just finished the book God's Not Dead: Evidence for God in an age of uncertainty by Rice Broocks. He is an author, apologetic and the co-founder of Every Nation family of Churches (in the Philippines, they are called Victory Christian Fellowship). As I read this book, it makes me say Oo nga no? and agree with the skeptics regarding the existence of God, but Broocks gracefully gave an explanation to every question and arguments from the skeptics. I bet that they have no comebacks for that. Broocks explains the existence of God not only based on the bible but on evidence. He even use the language of the atheist regarding in science and philosophy. I admire Rice Broocks' research in this matter. He quoted tons of known people in Christianity and skepticism. and He really knows where to stand.

In the end of the book are sets of testimony that proves the existence of a Creator. One of my favorite chapter is called The Grace Effect. It magnifies how God's grace affect the world today. The Christians and Non-Christians alike for He let the sun goes of for the good and bad. It's a must read book for doubtful and even for Christians who needed further explanation about His existence, I tell you, you will never have a choice but to believe in Him.

"Once the truth is firmly grasped, it becomes a logical necessity to seek out the nature and character of this Creator"

Rice Broocks


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