The Sims is also right

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Now, I know why it always happen to me. LOL

but seriously? I've played sims for couple of times, install and uninstall it. I played The Sims 1, 2 and 3. its a cool game where you take control of the Character and choose the way they live. their job. their partner. everything. and there's this everyday problem of a gamer in playing The Sims, NEEDS.

Those things affect us, in our everyday life, YES, we need FOOD, we have to have FUN, we need COMFORT, we need to PEE and take a DUMP, we want to be CLEAN, we need to REST and be in the wonderful environment. :D

but what I want to magnify here is.. SOCIAL.
Personally, I have lots of friends. I can't deny it but somewhere out there with them, in the crowd, I feel lonely. maybe you're saying that I only feel lonely because I choose to. but here's the thing right here: what makes me feel that way?

In our home, I'm always on a PC, if not in my bed doing my weird stuffs. I went to the mall alone, going to park alone. maybe there's this little pride in me that says that I don't need anyone. few weeks ago, I prove him wrong. I need someone. we all need someone.

someone who you can talk to.
someone who you can laugh with.
someone who is willing to listen.
someone who is true.
someone who you can tell secrets and reveal each other weirdness.
someone who is willing to accept how weird you may be.
someone who will love you and help you improve. 

we all need that someone. 

I guess The Sims is also right, we can't live without a friend.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 NIV 
Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work; If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!

Never Give Up




Wednesday, January 30, 2013

This is the first video I've watched on Vsauce!

Vsauce is an Educational Youtube Channel. Michael, the host, does not share just knowledge, it has lots of coolness! awesome! vsauce! the title of the videos can hook you up like 

The science of friend zone!

Is The 5-Second Rule True?

What can you do without a brain?

and there's a lot more. the also have different segments like. DONG which means things you can Do Online Now, Guys. its all about the internet, awesome sites, awesome games and the most awesome is.. its free!

Vsauce Leanback is a playlist of videos around youtube compiled by Vsauce. it is like a documentary or a show on Youtube which is hosted by Vsauce.

There's also LUT, WTF, Up All Knight, App All Night, IMG, DOT!
You can also subscribe to their Youtube Channel to be updates.

Hunger for knowledge! 
it is also awesome to know that my friend Carlo Flores know Vsauce! awesoome!

Never Give Up



Adventure Buddy and Best Pal.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

hahaha. But seriously, among them? I think, i feel, i see that you're the best pal, I'd ever had. I can freely laugh with you and then talk about serious stuffs. You know, the craziest things. That's why, I thank God for your life. and If what you're saying earlier is true. I feel honored. I'm touched. if not, who cares?! hahaha! ♥ yah friend. (Gosh di ako sanay! I feel embarrassed and awkward. I wanna put my head under the sand like an ostrich. 

I feel the same Jabes. I feel comfortable pagkasama kita. kc alam kong ok lang maging ako. ok lang na maging weird ako. haha. I know for sure na kahit pumikit ako. or tumalikod ako, totoo ka pa rin. :$ (basta. masaya ako nung dumating ka sa life ko. and super thankful ako kay Lord dahil sayo at isa ka sa reason kung bakit di ako makaalis.) ok lang kung ayaw mong maniwala. haha basta you're the best pal i ever have. salamat sa lahat Jabes and I feel honored kung totoo yung sinabi mo. :D

That's me when that conversation happened.
I checked my Journal last year. I've noticed that I'm with this person almost all the time and yet I haven't recognized her as my best pal. She's also my Adventure Buddy.
She's Intelligent, has lots of questions, emotional. When I talked to her I feel comfortable, I can say almost everything that I wanted to.

that conversation on the top appeared out of the blue, we're just playing weird games that you may not understand if you're not weird enough. then poof! :D

You may not know her but I guess you know her. XD
this is pathetic. xD

for now, she's a mystery girl. uuhhh. 

Never Give Up



4 Goals

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I've noticed that I only have 2 blog entry this year and It was a flashback of the past year, so basically I don't have any blog entry for this year. 

I don't have new year resolutions but I have goals, the first on the list? 
Pentax Optio WG-2

According to reviews It can survive in 40 feet of water, falls from 5 feet, pressure up to 220 pounds, temperatures as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit, and the ever-present menace of dust and sand. Click Here for more about Pentax Optio WG2

So you maybe thinking, YES! DSLR are Amazing, I still want one but for adventures,
I prefer this one. since one of my goals this year is MORE ADVENTURES. and speaking of, that leads me to my second GOAL.

I always wanted to be an adventurer, one who climb up mountains and goes deep into the sea and the unlimited roadtrip! I don't have destinations yet but there maybe in summer at Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte with the ones I'm with in Bataan last year's summer. aside from that I want an Adventure Buddy. 

I aiming for a close friend as that "Adventure Buddy". we already have an adventure yesterday. It's a mini-adventure where we just walk and talk and look around the place.

365 Days Photo
MicroBlogging through Blipfoto, My "Adventure Buddy" Introduced it to me in New Year itself, it's a site where you can only upload a photo a day, meaning if the photo was taken yesterday, they'll reject it if you upload it today. (You can cheat them though.) 
Consistently I'm on 15th day! I took photos from my tablet since I don't have any camera yet. 

I already have journal since the past but. I'll be more specific this year and I'll be writing more and of course I won't forget you BLOGGER! :)

That's all for now, I'll add more goals next time.

Never Give Up

'coz the days we are given are gifts from above
and today we remember to live and to love.



Extreme Flashback

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2012 is a great year, I can't define it in one word.
it's the end of the year again and Its time to close my eyes one more time for an

1st Photo with KKBs @ Maan's 18th Birthday

LGL Training at JIL Golden Acres, now. as the new KKB-Norfil Head/CYC

Hangout @ Sunken Garden with the Couple (Charlie and Denise)

At Rivera's with KKBs.

Practicing Glory To The King By Hillsong

Pictorial sa Sunken with TFs.

Pero di kame kumpleto. also with Denise
@ Sunken With Karl,  Hazel and Charlie

We Watched a Play. "Dreamer" about Joseph The Dreamer.  awesome play.

Life Group Summit with KKBs!

1st Time sa Barko, the floating Book Fair. Logus Hope! 

With Kuya Bernard During the Relief Goods giving at Norfil.

Practiced the "Everything Skit"

Aries' Birthday Sleepover at Casauay's.

Overnight Swimming with JAM/VIA and Elyondoulos

March for Jesus with the KKBs! 

Vacation Bible School during Summer. with my former Sunday School Teachers and my fellow classmates.

As a reward for DVBS, we went to Bataan!
Summer Getaway! The best Summer! 

1st Youth Gathering! "No Turning Back Days"

2nd Gathering. with our guest speaker: Sis. Leny Casauay.

The Youth Summit 2012, we're at Starmall, waiting for the others.
 Includes the plenty of meetings at the Youth Center and the hassle on the fund and registration. God is still good.
Extreme! No Middle Ground. at Araneta Coliseum

School run for School Rooms. a run for a cause.

Received Help from iCare during the Flood.

No Direction Boy Band. (Wah.D) Singin One thing During the Debut of Mary Jasmin Casauay
Rehearsals for the 34th Anniversary of JIL.
We auditioned for the 34th Aniversary of JIL Church Worldwide as Dancers.
Unbelievable, I'm a part. Miracles do happen.
and I'm an Official Triune Mover. 

Bonding with Denise and MJ in Baywalk.

Visitation for Teacher Adel at Asian Hospital. So blessed with her life.
Hannah Joy's Fun-Filled 19th Birthday! sobrang sakit ng tyan ko jan kakatawa.
Tither's Night
With The KKBs.

Practicing "Everyone Needs a Little" by Kari Jobe as our piece for Tither's Night

Pastora Siony's Birthday. Videoke Mode with them.
Pastora Siony's Birthday! Magbalik by Callalily.
Bonding with VDM. Heartbreak Bonding. XD
JIL Norfil Christmas Party. we won so many games! and we enjoyed the night.

KKB Workers and Leaders Christmas Party @ Aberdeen Court Makati. 
My Beloved TFs @ Chelsea's 18th Birthday.

Worship Explosion 2012
Meeting with the KKB Leaders and Workers 
1st time to meet McLean after Graduation. higante mode sya e. 

2nd time with McLean. meeting for our business project.

Christmas with Casauay Family. nagkita kase kame sa Festival
Also with VDM, si Mclean lang wala.
Ehloi and Jhet treat sa jolibee. :)

Sleepover at Rivera's with Hazel, Jasmin, Joy and Aries.
Accomplishment: Dancing
Accomplishment: Life Group Leader
Eto nakakatuwa, I read my blog last 2011 and I read about a surprise debut for a friend (actually di sya debut, gusto ko lang maranasan nyang magdebut di kase sya nakatikim ng debut party.). pinagplanuhan ko na sya that time but suddenly nacancel walang preparation eh. tapos dito pala napadpad yung idea ko. sa Birthday ni Eszpren Jasmin. 

My 20th. @Sunken. Alone. :D

KKB Pool Party @ Doña Segundina Pool

PInagugugulan ko ng panahon bago matulog. nakailang palit na ko ng desgin nyan. XD
Dahil Di na kasya sa Cork Board.
Next Wave! Jamming :D

New Year with my Family.

My Task Wall. madami dyan ang di natuloy

my blog had been featured in JIL Church Worldwide Facebook page.

I have been prayed at Grace Hope site through Pastor Joseph Prince Ministries

I won a shirt from JIL Church Worldwide

I Also Became Active In Twitter (@sebajisoka). Tumblr( Wordpress(

Cathy's Birthday - we celebrate it at Festival Mall with Rolinda and Denise
August 22 KKB Gathering at C-Square
Pektusan Night with hacinth, Jasmin and Karl @ Hacinth's Home. also a planning for the next day's Gathering
I also have talks to Denise and Clarisse about Love. I never thought I can share things with them.
Halloween Trips with my Relatives.
I also donate blood this year.
Movie Marathon!
I lost a friend, nasaksak kase nung lumaban sya nung muntikan sila marape.
Another friend died of suicide.
Epic Fail Surprise for Angel.
Business with Jared and Charles and Clark and Sonny
Met old friend Karen at Festival Mall with her baby.
5 Days na pagtira sa bahay nila Charlie sa Biñan

This year, I get hurt, I cried a lot but I still rejoices because it makes me stronger and better. The Lord is Good! He has Anointed us with great joy so whenever we face challenges, we have a good character as response. hoping for more adventures in 2013.

well done 2012. 
Lord! take over in 2013

Never Give Up


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