Adventure Buddy and Best Pal.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

hahaha. But seriously, among them? I think, i feel, i see that you're the best pal, I'd ever had. I can freely laugh with you and then talk about serious stuffs. You know, the craziest things. That's why, I thank God for your life. and If what you're saying earlier is true. I feel honored. I'm touched. if not, who cares?! hahaha! ♥ yah friend. (Gosh di ako sanay! I feel embarrassed and awkward. I wanna put my head under the sand like an ostrich. 

I feel the same Jabes. I feel comfortable pagkasama kita. kc alam kong ok lang maging ako. ok lang na maging weird ako. haha. I know for sure na kahit pumikit ako. or tumalikod ako, totoo ka pa rin. :$ (basta. masaya ako nung dumating ka sa life ko. and super thankful ako kay Lord dahil sayo at isa ka sa reason kung bakit di ako makaalis.) ok lang kung ayaw mong maniwala. haha basta you're the best pal i ever have. salamat sa lahat Jabes and I feel honored kung totoo yung sinabi mo. :D

That's me when that conversation happened.
I checked my Journal last year. I've noticed that I'm with this person almost all the time and yet I haven't recognized her as my best pal. She's also my Adventure Buddy.
She's Intelligent, has lots of questions, emotional. When I talked to her I feel comfortable, I can say almost everything that I wanted to.

that conversation on the top appeared out of the blue, we're just playing weird games that you may not understand if you're not weird enough. then poof! :D

You may not know her but I guess you know her. XD
this is pathetic. xD

for now, she's a mystery girl. uuhhh. 

Never Give Up


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