A Peaceful Last Day

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I have this friend, a really close one, who always talk about being in Heaven. well, heaven is a good place. wait. no! Heaven is indescribably amazing! whenever she talks about it, I feel sad but yet amazed. why? Sad because of that thought that she'll be leaving us, I know its crazy to think that way, but losing a really close friend is unbearable. Amazed, on how she talks about the wonders of heaven, all the comfort, the peace, the fellowship and all its beauty.

Life brings us to that miserable moment and pushes us to think crazy and be crazy enough to do wrong things as a pirated version of the original ones. (peace, love, hope, etc)
its hard. so easy to say. yet so hard to do. 

Just a thought. 
Many says that we should live our lives as if its the last, well, on my head, its like coughing on the hospital while people around you are crying. 

but seriously, what would I do?
maybe I'll spend time with my family, talk to my closest friends, write my final letter to individual persons and will go to a wonderful place/park reminiscing moments of my life. and thanking God for this privilege to live this life and to be able to know Him. 
I want a peaceful last day. :)

how about you?


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