Oh Valentine's Day

Friday, February 15, 2013

What's with this day? I supposed to wear red and be shinny in that heart's day color.hello white!  Do I have a date? Maybe? Yes? No? nehh. does it matter today! 
well, I think it is!

for the first time in my entire existence in the surface of this planet, I asked someone out and that's embarrassing! truly embarrassing as I asked her out. my heart usually pump out blood but the time that I'm waiting for an answer. it's not functioning very well. 
but I received that "waste another day" message. pwew. I feel so glad. so happy. I went to sleep that night smiling and thanking God for that wonderful day. 

Today? I got lots and lots of smiles. I'm carrying that pink rose, looking around and nervous. I'm thinking of stomping the roses that time. singing songs on my head while watching people celebrate this very special day.

I'm flighty, skittery and skittish. I don't know exactly how to handle that excitement and nerve. I just pretend not to feel anything as I saw her going nearer from afar. small talks and smiles. breathe in and breathe out. nerve in and nerve out. I need more air!

She gets angry, I have no words. I put my arms on the desk and head on my arms while eyes on her. deep into her eyes. she dropped hers and I picked out the rose that I hid. I don't know if it surprise her. but I think I made her smile for some reason.

I thought it would end up sadly but we're okay.
that's my date. just some short talks and it ends early.

few minutes date. 


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