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Friday, February 01, 2013

How many best friends do you have? I've lost count.
I've known my best friend Raft3r, who recently killed one of the finest Filipino blogs on the planet, since we were seven years old. 
My best friend Mike Cons, singer, songwriter, and marketing genius, was best man at my wedding ten years ago. 
My best friend Ram, a colleague at the church I work for, is a brilliant mind and the gentlest voice of reason I've ever had.
What qualifies a person to become a coveted "best friend," the one above the rest? Why limit yourself to one? Why trust just one friend above all else for advice on everything, when you have at your fingertips so much potential in all your relationships?

Don't settle for one best friend. Make as many best friends as you can. Especially you men.
Author John Eldredge writes in his book, Wild At Heart, that "masculinity is bestowed by masculinity. One learns how to be a man from another man."

Men need men to speak into their lives. When I need godly advice on my relationship with my wife, I go to my best friend, Paolo. When I'm formulating advice on counseling other men, I trust my best friend, Carlos. When I need guidance in my radio career, I contact my best friend, Big Daddy. When I need advice for my investments, I send a DM to my best friend, Randell. When I need some positive thinking, especially in my finances, I call my best friend, Chinkee. When I just need to let my hair down and crack a few jokes, I talk to my best friend, Veejay; when I need a good lunch conversation, I seek out my best friend, Lou.
You get the idea.

Each of these men is the best for me in that particular area. Each of them is a role model, a best friend, who contributes to helping mold me into becoming the best God-servant, husband, father, writer, blogger, radio jock, and overall good guy that I can be.
Each man will impact generations.

You can impact generations.

Be a best friend to as many people as you can. Somewhere out there, there is someone waiting for you to speak life into his or her life. People are desperate and hungry for best friendship. People need role models. People need positive influence. People need relationships.

People need God.

And when it comes to introducing someone to God, few other ways are more powerful than friendship. Few ways are more effective than showing God's love by investing time and effort into a friendship with another person.
Any friendship solidly built with God in the center is destined to be a best friendship.

As my best friend Joey says, discipleship is all about relationship.
So. Who wants to be my best friend? ;)


Ganns Deen is a God-servant, husband, father, writer, blogger, and Christian radio jock on Saved on Energy 106.7 FM. “I'm so excited to write this piece for Jabes,” he says. “His blog is just full of such passion and love for God, and I know he will accomplish amazing things for His glory.”

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