Ang taong gusto kong makasama forevur.

Friday, April 05, 2013

Today, I have this conversation with one of my new best friends. we talked about many things, particularly the crazy ones. and he asked me a question, one weird question..

"Sino ang gusto mong maging asawa..
"Sino ang gusto mong makasama habang buhay..
Among them?. "

I'm not sharing this to bring chills to your bones, I'm sharing this if I she's still the one that I'd choose when time passed by. 

So, I told him "maarte ako, matagal ko bago sagutin yan". It makes me think, its a tough question although I have an answer in my head. I let him guess and pick out random names of females that he know. We giggle on every names. HAHAHA! 

"si ano.."
"kase.. alam mo yun, nasa kanya na kase ang lahat.."

we sung..
♫nese ye ne eng lehet.. oh oh ohohohh.♫
then we laugh again.

what a evening it was.

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