Coffee Float and French Fries Match Up

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Yesterday, I have a long conversation with a friend. it happened that both of us will buy some stuffs for different activities we're in. so, we go shopping together in a mall. hmm..  where else? XD

We stepped in that shopping mall and search for all the things we need. we only stay in bookstore for about 15 - 20mins, I think? then, we both ask each other if we should stay and do something in the mall or go home early.

we're thinking of staying and eating. so we did. 
we placed the stuffs that we bought in a long table inside the children's party area.
We've planned for our orders. it takes time for us to finalize our meal.

we bought Coffee Float and Medium Fries from paparapapap.. Love ko 'to. 
while table is at mess because of our things. we begun to eat.
we faced each other and start the chat.

I don't know how it starts but it probably starts with a question, I guess?I shared about me, what I see, what I feel, what I realize, what I believe in.I shared my disappointments, my burdens, my discouragements, my heartaches and pain?she shared about hers, her version of mine or..

I don't know how it starts but it probably starts with a question, I guess?
She shared about her, what she sees, what she feels, what she realizes, what she believes in. She shared her disappointments, her burdens, her discouragements, her heartaches and pain?
I shared about me, my version of her's.

We just giggled and munch.
We just laugh and sip.
We just shared and dip.

we begun lightly and went much deeper as we talk about a book.
we also discuss about today's issues and updates in both of our lives.
mostly, we talked about our feelings for each other. I mean, our feelings, although at 1st we're finding ways on how we will start of conversation and we have this reservation and don't want to talk about deeper things it just happened that there's an urge to tell something and speak what's in our hearts. there's this excitement that we feel.

I guess that was the first 1 on 1 + heart to heart + longest talk we had together.
although we forgot to do the "I swear/I promise" handshake our specific topics such as place and/or person will stay only inside that Mall's McDonald's.

Its a really long talk. that we're shocked that the night caught us having a coffee together.
See how the Coffee Float and French Fries make us stay in the restaurant?! HAHA!

that's the highlight of my day.

I feel blessed to have her. 



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