Tuesday, April 02, 2013

I want to be honest in this post.
I love blogging, but somehow I'm not comfortable anymore. In sharing my thoughts, feelings and stories on the web. its seems like there's something that's going to happen that can 'cause issues about anything. because sometimes I'm not aware of what I post.
though I can hide this site or change its URL or delete this permanently if I wanted to. but no. I will not.

this blog keeps track for milestone or craziest stuffs that's happening in my life. I enjoy posting photos and messages with or without sense. this is my blog. duh?. but there is really something that I feel about my blog, I share. people read it. and interpret it.

I wish for more blogs this month.
oh! this is none sense! hahaha!
but I love the way how my blog plays a trick on someone's head.

April! :D

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