Saturday, April 20, 2013

What happened today.

*Picked Up Food at Jollibee
*DVBS Graduation
*DVBS Teachers and Staff meeting
*BESMO meeting
*Festival Bonding
*South Sector KKB Meeting
*Good News and Bad News

Daily Vacation Bible School
from Monday up to today. We have this DVBS at Church. teaching children about God.
It's tiring. and we have to get up in the morning just to attend the DVBS. I enjoyed being with the kids, although they give us headaches sometimes. their smiles and laughs and what they do somehow give pleasure in our hearts.

I only assist the teachers and I'm in charge in technical stuffs.
there are many things that i can share about what happened but I can't forget what Mary Ruth did.
Last Tuesday I played with them before the schooling starts, pulling their lollipop off their mouths pretending that I want one. I had fun with them. and then the next day as I went to church she handed me a lollipop. aww. i found that sweet! :))

Today, I went to Jolibee with denise to pick up the foods Teacher Ligaya ordered so we will have a food to eat during the graduation of the children. it was amazing. being part of that event. I'm also blessed by the Children who participate in the DVBS. I thank God for their lives.

After the Graduation, the teachers called for a meeting. we thank God for His Grace and wonderful work. we're now planning for outing. I'm not sure but it may be at Batangas (matabungkay or Anilao). some suggest at EK or splash Island or tagaytay. I hope it'll be at Anilao and overnight. I'm longing for stargazing.

After the Meeting with Children's Ministry, Bro. Orly talked to us regarding BESMO and SOL stuffs. just a short meeting.

and then, Charlie and Denise and I went to Festival to buy and search for something. I'm so hyper as we went to the mall. later we're so quiet. haha. weird.

the KKB South Sector Meeting about the Walang Iwanan Street Party at Dasma, Cavite. we held the meeting at JIL Pamplona. its great to be with the team. :D

there are Good News and Bad News. I received text messages about good news regarding examinations and licences. so proud of KKB Muntinlupa. but on the other side there are also bad news. I feel burdened and there's an urge for me to act like a leader, a kuya, a mentor or something like that.
though I lack wisdom. I ask God. He provides and He will provide.

All For His Glory!
Nahihirapan man, kahit pa NASUSUGATAN.


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