Thursday, April 04, 2013

It is hurtful to know that pain is inevitable while we're here on earth.

in our kindness and care for our love ones, sometimes we want save them before they're totally drowned in sadness and negative emotions. but we're just humans, hurting in another way, experiencing pain on the other side. what can we do? 

As a shoulder to cry on, seeing a friend repeatedly crying in pain brought by a tricky world is annoying but knowing that you don't know anything about the pain they feel is another story. we must understand what they're going through. without judgement.

and searching for a solution is quite hard, giving an advice seems like "just saying" words. they said that YOU, being there is enough even all you do is to listen, stare and just say "uh huh."

I was inspired writing this by the song "Messiah" by Yeng Constantino
it talks about us, as creation of God and knows nothing about what other really feels inside and our limitations as humans.
we get angry, sulks, grumble but we still long to know what they feel.
and to get them out of there which in some circumstances, we can't.
we need someone who really saves. a Messiah. which we are not.

Pasensya na di ako makangitiUmiinit ang ulo palagiDi kita maintindihanGusto kitang maintindihanPasensya na kung ako ay tulalaNakatunganga wala akong magawaGusto kong mang may magawaWala akong magagagawa 
Sasagipin kitaKung kaya ko lang sanaPero di ako MessiahPero di ako Messiah 
Papsensya na di nakakatulongSinasabi sayo’y parang bulongDi mo ako naririnigWala ka na ngang naririnig 
Unti-unting mararating mo rinAng bawat mong mga hinihilingHabang nasa malayo, papanalangin kitapapalayain ka..


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