Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Low-volume music is playing on my background
some sort of a sad love song
it pushes me to write something
so here am I having a wrestle with words

confused with the melody and symphony
the beat, the bass, the spirit.
I can see the music around me
trying to lift me up with wonders and astonishment

it flips up the scenery of yesterday
and the desire of my future
filling up the tank I used to empty
pre-occupied, reserved, until it's gone.

and I need to be next to you
everything is under control
under my mind
the plan is working out
so much prepared

this good euphony energized my heart
endowing the ticker inside me
say hello to the end of the tune
it may be the best part of the song

but no need to worry
I have my playlist
to back me up! 

//Stars In The Sky

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