Night Sky

Thursday, April 25, 2013

I opened my eyes, I'm amazed by His creation.
I'm lost gazing at immense of the sky
the astonishing beauty of the stars 
inside this very moment everything shrinks in

we're laying down in this grassland
I hope everything is alright
as we watch the night sky fades in
we're telling stories of our past

Head to head, she's beside me
I'm listening to her voice as she spill her story
everything seems to stop
it appears that someone pause the motion everywhere

In the calmness of the sea
In the kiss of the night
here we are laying on the ground
forgetting the world

we're not the only one here
but it looks like we're
in a snap, silence was brought in
It's good to know
It's good to feel
that I have her. 

does she feel the same?
Is she glad to have me?
Or this is single way?

I'm not sure
what I know now is
I'm with her
and the stars are wonderful

//You're My Shooting Star! ♥

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