Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I am nothing. I am pathetically weird. No one understands me sometimes.
I am worthless. I am dumb. I am a shameful being.
I can't do anything. I can't even stand on my own.
I am imperfectly cruel. meanly damaging.
dreadful, frightful, terrifying.

We, sometimes think about our worth and who we are.
No one can say that the're good enough.
and we fall on the bottomless pit of the unknown
screaming like it's the end

what amazes me is when He reminded me of how precious am I
in His eyes. He took off my unrighteousness and He gave His righteousness to me
He not only paid the price. Its OVER-PAYMENT.

How come I can think negatively?

Few days ago, I shared it to my friend. As I share it. I can't stop myself.
I keep saying words that might encourage her.
It's out of the topic we used to share but I keep on scrolling on my script

out of the sudden, I struggle saying the word OVER-PAYMENT.
I bowed down. I don't want her to see me crying.
yes. I cried. that stopped me from sharing
"Jabes, 'wag kang umiyak"

I wiped my tears. look to nowhere.
and then I continued my interrupted words.
the rest? I don't know. I can hardly remember what happened next.

I guess that's the first time she saw me crying.


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