Please Lang

Friday, April 05, 2013

I browse your photos on facebook, it seems like I'm a stalker.
I know you're happy now, seeing someone else, having fun
You already moved on, but I'm here, still suffering for what supposed to be forever

I just wanna hide in the shadows of the past
I hope no one can see me but I wanna explode
I still love you, beyond words can say
but do you still love me?

I'm trying to let go and move forward
I want to live my life
I can't say you ruin everything
but you have a huge participation of this loneliness that I feel

stop flirting with me
stop digging our past
stop talking to me
after you say its over, it must be. right?

You've hurt me enough
I've lost my trust in you
even though I still love you
and I still long for your touch
still yearning for your attention
We are never ever getting back together
as in never.
it may not be now but I'll get over you.


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