Tine's Back!

Friday, May 31, 2013

According to our conversation in Facebook messenger we'll meet on May 28, that's Tuesday Morning. We've plan for it about a month ago. and so we did with Cathy.
Cathy and I climb up a mountain, say hello to the dog along the way and shout Tine's name in the neighborhood just to make her know we're in the place.

when we finally see her, we receive a huge hug from Atlanta. we went in their home and watch her fix her things, chat with her 'friend' in the state, eat lunch, convince cathy to use her SL which we're successfully successful and we went to festival mall.

we shared stories, go to stores, we search for Charmane and entertain her. we ate at Jolibee, we're so matakaw. kakakain lang namin ah.

see our faces? HAHA!
we say buhbye to charmaine because she has a work to do. we stayed at National Bookstore for a while, Tine shared to us about books, then cathy bought para sa hopeless romantic by Marcelo Santos III.  I have to borrow that book! 

and then finally, its time to pay debts.

we stayed in starbucks for a while, we had short convo over there and we went to JPA to meet her High School friends. masaya sila kasama. pero still cathy and I talked mostly, she discuss about spirituality and some problems she encountered as well as me.

Ayan sila, I wonder kung nasan yung kasama kame. HAHA!
We drink Cola and Grapes. ate Isaw and ihaw-ihaw. and then cathy and I went home early, Hinatid pa kame ng Car! XD we said goodbye to them and gave a squeeze. 

I don't know what to say first, but hours went by, She fulfill something for me. She laid her hands on me, I'm like a child who doesn't know how to fight back. she hurt me as if I'm an enemy in her sight. I don't know what to do but to cry. LOL

So, I enjoyed the day, parang andami ngang ngyare eh. it feels great to see my "mentor" after 3 long years. Madami pa ngang gustong gawin eh. XD



Bye Ate Kat

Friday, May 31, 2013

I was informed days ago that Ate Kat's leaving the Philippines. and I was invited in her goodbye treat last Saturday. but before I go on, I just want to share what happened earlier that day.

I had a sleepover at Karl's with his family and with MJ and Camille. I'm so blessed with their family. because they have this family devotion and I'm so glad that I have a chance to join them. we share about God's goodness, love and provision. then a short testimony and study of His Word and we prayed together. I'm empowered and I felt a light burden. 
then we stay awake until 2am, we laugh and talk and listen to recordings  and watch videos. with had fun!
we wake up around 4:30am. fix everything, took pictures and leave.

we learned from Sis. Evelyn and Nanay Gretch as they teach us about leadership, handling cell group, evangelism and intercession. It's a pretty long day for me. One of the funny thing of the SOL training is the "great minds think alike", "toot too toot."
and so, we graduated. 

and then we leave. me and Jasssssssiee went to festival to wait for Aries and ate Kat. we have a round trip floor after floor and spill McFloat into our mouths. we went to New Life Christian Center and we say "Hi" to ate Kat and ate Cha.

I feel like I'm with the worship team because of almost-the-same concept of uniform they have. we send worship to Jesus and for the first time, I saw Pastor Paul Chase in person, He preached and he talked about one of the part of his upcoming book. He is an anointed pastor. his preaching goes around the story of the Good Samaritan. this time, there's a fresh revelation.

God is speaking to me. us.
"Pass Judgement/Fast Judgement"
"Inherit eternal life"
"being like Jesus"
"story of salvation"

after his preaching. we approached him to pray over ate kat's departure and journey abroad. then..

We went to Bo's Coffee and wait.. 
Tuduh! :D

We laugh so hard that night. we talked about funny things in the past and few plans in the future. we I saw ate kat's tears again. HAHA! we enjoyed the night for sure.
we're going to miss ate kat.

seriously, na-touch ako nung nalaman ko na kasama kao dun. I feel blessed to have an ate like her. she's so sweet. :) we'll see you soon ate! andaya, dinelete yung spoof ni ai-ai. HAHA!


Sorry po. Di ko po kaya

Sunday, May 26, 2013

I watch her talking to someone. my heart is beating hardly and fast.
as I wait for my turn to talk to her. My mind is nowhere. looking at somewhere.
I'm confused about what I feel. some noticed me. many were not.
now, I approached her. I don't know what to say, I don't know how will I. then..

"Sorry po. Di ko po kaya.."

Pina-upo nya ko sa tabi nya sabay sabing:
"anung problema?" 

Ayoko sanang sabihn sa kanya pero..
habang nakatingin ako sa kawalan pumatak na lang bigla ang luha ko. 
alam ko naghihintay sya ng sagot. pero nanginginig lang mga labi ko. na-uutal sa pagsasalita.
ang hirap pala. 

maraming salamat sa kanya. kahit papano'y nakatanggap ako ng kagaanan. 
di ko 'to ineexpect from her.


All about her

Nick Vujicic in Manila

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Nicholas James "Nick" Vujicic (/ˈvɔɪɪ/ voy-chichSerbianНиколас Џејмс Вујичић, Nikolas Džejms Vujičić; born 4 December 1982) is a Serbian Australian evangelist and motivational speaker born with tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder characterized by the absence of all four limbs. As a child, he struggled mentally and emotionally as well as physically, but eventually came to terms with his disability and, at the age of seventeen, started his own non-profit organization, Life Without Limbs. Vujicic presents motivational speeches worldwide, on life with a disability, hope and finding meaning in life. He also speaks about his belief that God can use any willing heart to do his work and that God is big enough to overcome any and all disabilities.

Souce: Wikipedia

I have this incredible chance to meet this great man of God. Last Sunday, My friend Cathy shared with me about her wonderful experience in Christ's Commission Fellowship, where Nick would speak. as the title said "Unstoppable Faith", her experience is faith-tester and what happened is another life had been inspired and saved.

Sunday evening, I browse the internet, I found a good news. contact a friend. convinced her to join me. and it excites me.

the next day, we went in SM Mall Of Asia to meet Nick Vujicic. we came early in the place, expecting tons of people will come, and GOOD for us, our expectation fail us. we sit comfortably somewhere in the crowd and watch how the program flows. There's a band, they sung, Who Am I by Casting Crowns and God Gave Me You by Brian White. They're Good! and then some opening remarks. few minutes of their talk, we finally saw him arrive. it was incredible, he talks about love, disabilities, friends, inspiration. he also talks about my current situation. It's amazing to know that everything links to each other. 
God allowed us to witness nick and hear his voice. God used him to speak directly to us. personally. I'm totally inspired. now, I want his books!

This is the closest that we can get. :)
He spoke to us for about 15mins. its a pretty short time. but when we recall what he shared to us, it seems like he talked for hours. his mouth is full of wisdom and inspiration and motivation. after the event, we stayed at SM Mall Of Asia for we don't want to go home early. we talked about many things, mostly nothing, we understand each other's insanity. enjoyed our alienated-language which only both of us understands. 
and we have this astonishing talk which she calls a "life changing convo"

and oh! did I told you that the event is specially for People With Disability. No wonder why we're there. our hearts are disabled. as well as our MINDS! 


School Allies

At last!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Finally VenInoSo De MeSuTo had our reunion!
McLean went in our home to talk about things. career stuffs. 
we went to festival to meet other friends and went to ACLC Alabang to take our TORs which we didn't accomplish.

we went back to the mall and start our crazy things that we loved to do before. same old freaking awesome guys! XD

We ate at Paotsin right after that.. and .. Angel's Out! She treat us Ice Cream!
Momma I want an ice cream please. XD

we also find out that Angel's getting married! sweet! :)
and then we took photos, wait for ehloi. and took photos.

it was a haggard but fun day!


All about her

Back to Batangas

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Last May 12, I have a SMS-Convo with Jasssssssiee and last Tuesday, together with Jordelyn AKA Michelle, we went to NAIA to say "Hi" to their uncle who just went back from abroad. In Airport, we stayed at the van while waiting for their uncle, we played games from my tablet and say little words to their relatives. Nagsimula na kong mahiya!

Now, we're on our way to Batangas.
Me and Jasssssssiee starts doing our hobby when we're together! Her mom called and I talked to her in few seconds. Jordelyn always reminds us about "not sleeping" tonight because we're gonna freak the night out. HAHA!
Its a pretty long ride that I can't remember what else we did in the vehicle. 

Finally in Batangas, We fix our things, ate our dinner, set our beds, planned for what we will do, set the Portable DVD Player, Flipped through the CDs and DVDs and watch Phobia 4. and we're making fun of the movie at the start, and then later Jordelyn didn't make it. She's so scared that she fell asleep and we can't lay down in the bed anymore because she occupy the whole space and she took our blankets.

so we just sat down and watch the 4-part movie. It's pretty scary and some of the scenes are familiar with what we do earlier the day. we didn't finish the 4th part because we're so sleepy. but when we throw Jordelyn on the other side of the bed, we didn't sleep right away. we talked and dig things about ourselves. then I say a little, simple prayer and fell asleep. that's around 4:40am. 

We woke up the next day early. after we eat breakfast, we went to PERYA with Jordelyn and Caliya and jasssssssiee and we went back. and then we packed siniguelas and we walked to the beach to swim! We're now with their cousin.

then we went back to make banlaw. baliw lang.
and then we ate our lunch and later watch a movie(The Pacifier) under the stairs. we ate Mangga and Siniguelas while watching the movie.

and we lipsync/lipsing songs:

 then we take a nap. 
as we woke up, we went to their relatives and hear their conversation. They're kinda cool. they share wise words to each other and somehow I feel that I'm the one they're talking about or referring to. its something about being less worded man. XD

then, we eat dinner. caliya teased me. their uncle offered me a drink. an alcoholic one and asked questions that I enjoyed answering. HAHA! and we stayed outside. played 4 Pic 1 Word. and the Electricity went out so we fix our beds and try to sleep without lights and fan. but after few minutes it came back! yey! 
we talked again, as we always do.

we sleep early and woke up late. then we did this:

We went back to our homes by after lunch. we say bbye to all of them.
and speak tons of topics while we're on our way. We just figure out many things about us and the things around us in just few days. and I learned many things from Jasssssssiee. wise words. LOL. what?! HAHAHA! 



Eleksyon 2013

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I start my day with a sip on my coffee and a bite on pandesal. I'm so excited to vote. I'm a first timer. I went to Baywalk, Bayanan to cast my vote. I stayed there for about 45mins to an hour. Andami kaseng naboto. naabutan ko pa si Mayor Aldrin San Pedro at Athan Gutierrez.

I spent less than 5 minutes inside the cluster precinct, medyo kabado pa sa pagshade at pagpasok ng balota sa PCOS machine.

Vice Mayor, Mayor, Partylist, Senador
4 lang naman ang nishade-an ko.

Temy Simundac
Aldrin San Pedro
Bro. Eddie Villanueva

after I cast my vote, I went home and nap then I went to church to help them. went back home and went to baywalk to be a watcher. I also collect the number of votes for CIBAC and Bro. Eddie. 

Ngayon, andami kong kasamang nalulungkot. pati panahon nakikiayon. 
alam ko di pa tapos. pero. hai. Lord, Kayo na pong bahala.


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Di ako messiah

Thursday, May 09, 2013

I slept around 9pm today due to tiredness and lack of sleep.
Out of a sudden, I woke up, still sleepy
then, I received a text message from a friend.

I never expected that message today
napakanta na lang ako. Sasagipin Kita, kung kaya ko lang sana pero.. di ako messiah.

I don't know what to do.
How can I help you?
I wish I can save you.
pananalangin kitaa.




Thursday, May 09, 2013

We're just in time seeing them walking outside.
They're all in white, umbrella's up, I never thought that a happy song can bring tears to their eyes. It makes me wanna cry also.

the song shifts, my eyes went a lot of baggage.
This is not about me or what I felt.
but being a part of that boy's journey in this world is quite amazing yet painful

If that scenario makes me wanna cry how much more what the family and relatives feel..
I want to hug them tightly just to let them know that there's us, who can pray for them
or just to be a shoulder to cry on.

we have nothing to offer but that..
silver or gold we have none. The pain that they feel cannot easily vanish from them.
only God can tell but I pray that He will use us to help them move on.

may God grant peace in their hearts
while mourning is within their family
I'm so blessed with their lives.

Farewell Cyrus.

//SapatNaAtHigitPa //sebajisoka


Matabungkay Summer Get Away

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

It's been 3 years when my feet set-in in this place. 
This time I'm with Children's Ministry. with the teachers, volunteers and the sidekicks.

We met at JIL Norfil, before leaving, we talked and prayed.
I'm at the back seat with Jasmin and the foods. Joy was in front of me.
I'm just discovering some things while we're on the road. when we ran out of words, we just listen to music. We went to the market to buy some food. 

when we finally set our feet on the sand of Matabungkay, We took some photos and get ready for fun. we swim and talk. SMS with pals in Muntinlupa. We had fun. we eat. we tease.  after the swimming, we went to Casauay's home to cook pancit. we stayed there for a while. then we went to Tagaytay and went home. 

while we're on our way. we've set our hearts on fire. LOL. IDEKWDIM.

a non-stop talk.
there's a revealing of thoughts.
Secrets were unwrapped.
Understanding among us.
We've spill something out of our hearts and minds.
and that's the spotlight of the Get-away! 


//Tara Usap Tayo

It's about Jesus!

Worship Service + McDonald's + Mj/Camille's Home + PGH + StreetWise

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

April 28, 2013

It's Grace's Birthday! 

After the wonderful Sunday Service. the children's ministry had a meeting for the incoming outing the next day. there are changes. after the meeting I also have an appointment.

A conversation with Hazel. 'cause we have to discuss things between us. all this time I thought that it's only us. but I'm with the gang. with Hacinth and Charlie. pero walang kaso. XD 

So I asked her questions, she asked me. everything went well. as I expected, our conversation is light. I also asked Charlie and Hacinth. and the most striking thing for me that they said.. People Change. tinamaan ako dun. undeniably yes. people actually change.  maybe I really changed. but somehow I want our friendship back. then later Israel, Joy and Jasmin came. We continue the discussion with laughs. 

I hope everything is now okay between us. 
I think so? thanks for the McDonald's! :D

I leave them early 'cause I have to go to PGH with Karl, Clarisse, MJ, Camille and Denise to pray for Cyrus. We went first to Dimaala's Home to eat and pray. we have this faith that God will do great things in their lives. we sing songs of worship to the Lord as we asked Him to cleanse us.

On the way to PGH, Our faith meter is high. 
we met denise at PGH. as we search for the room where Cyrus is. I'm just singing songs of worship asking Him for anointing and healing while karl is communing with God. I feel the spirit moving. inside the room. I feel the pain that the young boy suffered from. I wanted to cry. Karl and I went to the terrace to pray. 

we talked to the parents.
we prayed together. we lay our hands. 
we see development in his condition before we leave the place.
We know that we've planned a seed in their hearts.

So back to asaran nung pauwi na kame.
ansaya lang sa bus. as always.
and before we went home. we ate at Streetwise. 
I think I went home at 10:30pm


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