Back to Batangas

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Last May 12, I have a SMS-Convo with Jasssssssiee and last Tuesday, together with Jordelyn AKA Michelle, we went to NAIA to say "Hi" to their uncle who just went back from abroad. In Airport, we stayed at the van while waiting for their uncle, we played games from my tablet and say little words to their relatives. Nagsimula na kong mahiya!

Now, we're on our way to Batangas.
Me and Jasssssssiee starts doing our hobby when we're together! Her mom called and I talked to her in few seconds. Jordelyn always reminds us about "not sleeping" tonight because we're gonna freak the night out. HAHA!
Its a pretty long ride that I can't remember what else we did in the vehicle. 

Finally in Batangas, We fix our things, ate our dinner, set our beds, planned for what we will do, set the Portable DVD Player, Flipped through the CDs and DVDs and watch Phobia 4. and we're making fun of the movie at the start, and then later Jordelyn didn't make it. She's so scared that she fell asleep and we can't lay down in the bed anymore because she occupy the whole space and she took our blankets.

so we just sat down and watch the 4-part movie. It's pretty scary and some of the scenes are familiar with what we do earlier the day. we didn't finish the 4th part because we're so sleepy. but when we throw Jordelyn on the other side of the bed, we didn't sleep right away. we talked and dig things about ourselves. then I say a little, simple prayer and fell asleep. that's around 4:40am. 

We woke up the next day early. after we eat breakfast, we went to PERYA with Jordelyn and Caliya and jasssssssiee and we went back. and then we packed siniguelas and we walked to the beach to swim! We're now with their cousin.

then we went back to make banlaw. baliw lang.
and then we ate our lunch and later watch a movie(The Pacifier) under the stairs. we ate Mangga and Siniguelas while watching the movie.

and we lipsync/lipsing songs:

 then we take a nap. 
as we woke up, we went to their relatives and hear their conversation. They're kinda cool. they share wise words to each other and somehow I feel that I'm the one they're talking about or referring to. its something about being less worded man. XD

then, we eat dinner. caliya teased me. their uncle offered me a drink. an alcoholic one and asked questions that I enjoyed answering. HAHA! and we stayed outside. played 4 Pic 1 Word. and the Electricity went out so we fix our beds and try to sleep without lights and fan. but after few minutes it came back! yey! 
we talked again, as we always do.

we sleep early and woke up late. then we did this:

We went back to our homes by after lunch. we say bbye to all of them.
and speak tons of topics while we're on our way. We just figure out many things about us and the things around us in just few days. and I learned many things from Jasssssssiee. wise words. LOL. what?! HAHAHA! 


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