Bye Ate Kat

Friday, May 31, 2013

I was informed days ago that Ate Kat's leaving the Philippines. and I was invited in her goodbye treat last Saturday. but before I go on, I just want to share what happened earlier that day.

I had a sleepover at Karl's with his family and with MJ and Camille. I'm so blessed with their family. because they have this family devotion and I'm so glad that I have a chance to join them. we share about God's goodness, love and provision. then a short testimony and study of His Word and we prayed together. I'm empowered and I felt a light burden. 
then we stay awake until 2am, we laugh and talk and listen to recordings  and watch videos. with had fun!
we wake up around 4:30am. fix everything, took pictures and leave.

we learned from Sis. Evelyn and Nanay Gretch as they teach us about leadership, handling cell group, evangelism and intercession. It's a pretty long day for me. One of the funny thing of the SOL training is the "great minds think alike", "toot too toot."
and so, we graduated. 

and then we leave. me and Jasssssssiee went to festival to wait for Aries and ate Kat. we have a round trip floor after floor and spill McFloat into our mouths. we went to New Life Christian Center and we say "Hi" to ate Kat and ate Cha.

I feel like I'm with the worship team because of almost-the-same concept of uniform they have. we send worship to Jesus and for the first time, I saw Pastor Paul Chase in person, He preached and he talked about one of the part of his upcoming book. He is an anointed pastor. his preaching goes around the story of the Good Samaritan. this time, there's a fresh revelation.

God is speaking to me. us.
"Pass Judgement/Fast Judgement"
"Inherit eternal life"
"being like Jesus"
"story of salvation"

after his preaching. we approached him to pray over ate kat's departure and journey abroad. then..

We went to Bo's Coffee and wait.. 
Tuduh! :D

We laugh so hard that night. we talked about funny things in the past and few plans in the future. we I saw ate kat's tears again. HAHA! we enjoyed the night for sure.
we're going to miss ate kat.

seriously, na-touch ako nung nalaman ko na kasama kao dun. I feel blessed to have an ate like her. she's so sweet. :) we'll see you soon ate! andaya, dinelete yung spoof ni ai-ai. HAHA!


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