Thursday, May 09, 2013

We're just in time seeing them walking outside.
They're all in white, umbrella's up, I never thought that a happy song can bring tears to their eyes. It makes me wanna cry also.

the song shifts, my eyes went a lot of baggage.
This is not about me or what I felt.
but being a part of that boy's journey in this world is quite amazing yet painful

If that scenario makes me wanna cry how much more what the family and relatives feel..
I want to hug them tightly just to let them know that there's us, who can pray for them
or just to be a shoulder to cry on.

we have nothing to offer but that..
silver or gold we have none. The pain that they feel cannot easily vanish from them.
only God can tell but I pray that He will use us to help them move on.

may God grant peace in their hearts
while mourning is within their family
I'm so blessed with their lives.

Farewell Cyrus.

//SapatNaAtHigitPa //sebajisoka

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