Matabungkay Summer Get Away

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

It's been 3 years when my feet set-in in this place. 
This time I'm with Children's Ministry. with the teachers, volunteers and the sidekicks.

We met at JIL Norfil, before leaving, we talked and prayed.
I'm at the back seat with Jasmin and the foods. Joy was in front of me.
I'm just discovering some things while we're on the road. when we ran out of words, we just listen to music. We went to the market to buy some food. 

when we finally set our feet on the sand of Matabungkay, We took some photos and get ready for fun. we swim and talk. SMS with pals in Muntinlupa. We had fun. we eat. we tease.  after the swimming, we went to Casauay's home to cook pancit. we stayed there for a while. then we went to Tagaytay and went home. 

while we're on our way. we've set our hearts on fire. LOL. IDEKWDIM.

a non-stop talk.
there's a revealing of thoughts.
Secrets were unwrapped.
Understanding among us.
We've spill something out of our hearts and minds.
and that's the spotlight of the Get-away! 


//Tara Usap Tayo

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