Tine's Back!

Friday, May 31, 2013

According to our conversation in Facebook messenger we'll meet on May 28, that's Tuesday Morning. We've plan for it about a month ago. and so we did with Cathy.
Cathy and I climb up a mountain, say hello to the dog along the way and shout Tine's name in the neighborhood just to make her know we're in the place.

when we finally see her, we receive a huge hug from Atlanta. we went in their home and watch her fix her things, chat with her 'friend' in the state, eat lunch, convince cathy to use her SL which we're successfully successful and we went to festival mall.

we shared stories, go to stores, we search for Charmane and entertain her. we ate at Jolibee, we're so matakaw. kakakain lang namin ah.

see our faces? HAHA!
we say buhbye to charmaine because she has a work to do. we stayed at National Bookstore for a while, Tine shared to us about books, then cathy bought para sa hopeless romantic by Marcelo Santos III.  I have to borrow that book! 

and then finally, its time to pay debts.

we stayed in starbucks for a while, we had short convo over there and we went to JPA to meet her High School friends. masaya sila kasama. pero still cathy and I talked mostly, she discuss about spirituality and some problems she encountered as well as me.

Ayan sila, I wonder kung nasan yung kasama kame. HAHA!
We drink Cola and Grapes. ate Isaw and ihaw-ihaw. and then cathy and I went home early, Hinatid pa kame ng Car! XD we said goodbye to them and gave a squeeze. 

I don't know what to say first, but hours went by, She fulfill something for me. She laid her hands on me, I'm like a child who doesn't know how to fight back. she hurt me as if I'm an enemy in her sight. I don't know what to do but to cry. LOL

So, I enjoyed the day, parang andami ngang ngyare eh. it feels great to see my "mentor" after 3 long years. Madami pa ngang gustong gawin eh. XD


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