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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

April 28, 2013

It's Grace's Birthday! 

After the wonderful Sunday Service. the children's ministry had a meeting for the incoming outing the next day. there are changes. after the meeting I also have an appointment.

A conversation with Hazel. 'cause we have to discuss things between us. all this time I thought that it's only us. but I'm with the gang. with Hacinth and Charlie. pero walang kaso. XD 

So I asked her questions, she asked me. everything went well. as I expected, our conversation is light. I also asked Charlie and Hacinth. and the most striking thing for me that they said.. People Change. tinamaan ako dun. undeniably yes. people actually change.  maybe I really changed. but somehow I want our friendship back. then later Israel, Joy and Jasmin came. We continue the discussion with laughs. 

I hope everything is now okay between us. 
I think so? thanks for the McDonald's! :D

I leave them early 'cause I have to go to PGH with Karl, Clarisse, MJ, Camille and Denise to pray for Cyrus. We went first to Dimaala's Home to eat and pray. we have this faith that God will do great things in their lives. we sing songs of worship to the Lord as we asked Him to cleanse us.

On the way to PGH, Our faith meter is high. 
we met denise at PGH. as we search for the room where Cyrus is. I'm just singing songs of worship asking Him for anointing and healing while karl is communing with God. I feel the spirit moving. inside the room. I feel the pain that the young boy suffered from. I wanted to cry. Karl and I went to the terrace to pray. 

we talked to the parents.
we prayed together. we lay our hands. 
we see development in his condition before we leave the place.
We know that we've planned a seed in their hearts.

So back to asaran nung pauwi na kame.
ansaya lang sa bus. as always.
and before we went home. we ate at Streetwise. 
I think I went home at 10:30pm


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