Tither's Night 2013

Friday, June 28, 2013

Remember the Lord your God who gave you the ability to produce wealth. Deuteronomy 8:18

That's the theme for tonight's Tither's Thanksgiving Night. About remembering the one who gives us strength, knowledge and power to do such things that will gain us wealth.

This year's Tither's Night was early than expected, usually, it happens every November. before or after my birthday. the reason is we will celebrate our Church Anniversary on December so there will be less conflict.

I went to church early to help those people in church. Sadly, I didn't really help, I mean U helped them but that's not a really big thing. I just played around with balloons and play guitar. Sis. Molly told me that we should have a special number, I told Denise and Jasmin about it, they both agreed. 

at 5PM, Pastora Siony asked me to go to SM Muntinlupa to bought some foods for the caterers. so I did, on rush, 'cause we haven't practiced our special number yet. I came back to church, change my outfit and start practicing.

Say Hi to these lovely girls. pweh. HAHA! Oy kayong dalawa, compliment yan oh. bihira kong gawin yan dito sa blog ko, MAGPASALAMAT KAYO SAKEN! and you're welcome in advance. XD

KKB Table

Now All I am I lay at Your feet, I'm humbled by the wonders of Your majesty.
♫Unending Love♫

With Pastora Siony

wah?! My Dad sang? really. haha!

with grace and camille. :)

Mom and Dad

Grace, Miemie, Nak. XD

Best Pal. :)

Them! waiting for our turn in photobooth


This is EPEC. Soo EPEC! HAHAHA! 

me and my eszprenshipness

tongdalawangto. Gara and Best Pal

etopangdalawangto HJP and Eszpren
mami and dadi. :)
Highlight of the Night?
Food. Preaching. Photo booth. Testimonies. 

I went home by 11pm. 
So exhausted! O.o



Brilliant Sunday. Mega Friends. Super Moon

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Today's Message is entitled: ALL THESE THINGS.
from Matthew 6:33, All about seeking 1st the kingdom of God. and not to worry about anything for God is in control. 

The Lord is good, we have a wonderful conversation in our life group. I miss talking to them 'cause last week, I'm not with them. 

"All things work together for good. there is time for everything"
What makes me quote those verses? Tine, after years, gave me the book I've been waiting for the longest time, Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul 2 and my chocolates! Sweet! ♥
Thanks Men! You're the man! XD

and while I'm talking to Aries, Tine and Cathy, Grace called me and asked me If I wanted to go to Festival with them (MJ, Camille and Denise). I said, lemme think 'cause tine, cathy and aries asked me the same question. we will attend an afternoon service in Victory Church Alabang. while I'm thinking there's an interruption, a call on my name. it was Hacinth, invited me for Hazel's Birthday treat! 

*eh anung meron ngayon? daming nag-aaya? san kaya ako pupunta? they're all my friends. HAHAHA!

Circle of Friends #1 - Hacinth, Hazel, Joy, Aries and Jasmin : we went to Festival Mall and ate at Bon Chon Chicken treat by Hazel! (thanks to hazel) we talked and laugh about anything during and after we eat. and went to Accesorize, People Are People then walk around and end up in X-site. and then we said goodbye to Joy, Hacinth and Hazel.

Circle of Friends #2 - Grace, Mj, Camille, Denise, Aries and Jasmin: we met at Food Court, they just finished their meal. We just laugh and tease each other and listen to their jokes, they will go to Street Wise to buy Grace an outfit for the Tither's Night. I explore bags and  learn from them. and then the 3rd batch is here, so we say goodbye again, now, to Grace, Mj, Camille and Denise. 

Circle of Friends #3 - Cathy, Justine, Aries and Jasmin: we met at foodcourt and went up to the Victory church to attend their service. they have this familiar worship song line up. (This Is The Day - Planetshakers, Cornerstone - Hillsong, Unending Love - Hillsong) The topic is about the Youth. Campus Missions. Winning Souls. after the preaching, they prayed for us and end it with a prayer as well. we went then to some place where we can eat. Tine treat us at Max's. she's so generous. laki na ng utang ko sa kanya. XD

we went to People Are People once more. then we seek and find Serenetea. then we went home teasing and laughing. 

Notice something?. Nothing?! HAHA! I'm with Aries and Jasmin almost the whole day, from Norfil to leaping with circle of friends to Victory and as we went home. neeh!
It's a funny-cool-awesome-wonderful-happy-joyful-Sunday for us not to mention that today is the premiere of the Super Moon! I don't have a chance to see it from Festival Mall 'cause it's cloudy tonight.

I walked home regretful and while on rest, someone message me, asking about a paper and about the moon. I rush outside to see the moon. Gosh! It's stunning! I'm amazed as I watch those clouds flew away from the moon. there's no stars, the moon owns the night sky tonight. Its TIME to CHARGE! 

for those who didn't saw the moon, here's a photo I saw on GMANews.com from Roland Roldan from here, in Muntinlupa, Using his DSLR with 500mm lens:


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Thinking of YOU ♥

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Take time to realize, that your warmth is crashing down on in. I hesitate to articulate that I might deviate in the highest form of accuracy what did I type those lyrics. I just want to share about my thinking chair. well, my friend has this thinking chair, I read it in her blog years ago. since I'm a copycat. I have my thinking chair also.

Its not an ordinary chair. 

Its a throne.

Actually a It's room.

okay. what am I saying? 

I'll just share. I have this area of vicinity where I'm always aware of what's running inside my head. that whenever I walked in that place, I also passed through the nerves and cells deep down my brain. I list down places. some are weird and others are common.

1.) Bedroom - Inside my customized, old-fashioned, weird, creepy, unusual bed for boys. I think about things, my thoughts here are based on what I just read or what just happened in me. Reading Books, SMS, Letters, Pictures, Music are the most common influence into my thoughts whenever I'm in my bed. 

2.) Sink - When I pick up those dirty plates, glass, fork and spoon. when the waters from the faucet rush down into my hands and when the bubble of the dishwasher filled the plates. I begun to think, of course I need some help of my music player to add emotion to my thinking. The most common thing that I think about here is my conversation to people. I always assume conversation in head just in case of emergency. so I'm ready when one of those fiction type of talks come to life. I also preach while I wash plates.

3.) Washroom - I don't know if this is weird. but I don't sing in the bathroom if the sun is still up, I sing when there's no one around. I don't want to be discovered. Since I can't sing, I sit down either in the THRONE or on the floor. and as I sit, I think about myself.  such as self-confidence, self-pity, self-esteem. I think about my decisions in life, my flaws and failures. HAHA! anything about myself. I think about me if I'm being a good person, a great person. while the waters poured out over my head and the soap 'causes me to be blind. somehow thinking about me gives me motivation. 

4.) Mall - I don't know if it really makes me think? I think its the music and the sense of being alone. I walk through the mall. I watch people whom I passed by, I look observe the scenarios and what's going on as if I'm a spy. I want to enjoy my walk in my own perspective. breaking the 'sayings' of other people. I want to prove them wrong. 

5.) Anywhere - kung saan ako aabutan. HAHA! XD

Just like what Men told in her blog. I should have an ACTION CHAIR. putting things into action. to end this here's a song of AGAINST THE CURRENT! 


It's about Jesus!


Friday, June 21, 2013

May gagawin ako ngayon. siningit ko lang talaga 'to, baka kase mawala na parang bula 'yung mga nasasa-isip ko. kanina, nagbabasa ako ng libro. nagtake notes pa nga ako eh. ang ganda kasi. tapos nagbasa naman ako ng nobela. maya-maya, sumakit na yung likod ko. nakadapa kase ako nung nagbabasa ako kanina.

tumayo ako, pumunta sa may computer at nagbrowse. bumalik ako sa kwarto ko tapos kinuha yung salamin ko at bonet. naaasar ako. dumaretcho ako ng lakad at naghanap ng barya para bumuli ng maiinom. *op op op! share ko lang, nag-stop na pala ako sa soft drinks. nainspire kase ako dun sa kaibigan ko dahil tumigil na daw s'ya dun. (nainspire o na-inggit?) well, health is wealth. tingnan natin kung hanggang kelan to. * 2 Milo tapos 2 Kape. wala kase akong balak matulog ngayon, dami kong gagawin. -.-

nung paglabas ko, suot-suot ko ang earphone, bonet, salamin at syempre yung damit ko. ang lamig nitong gabing 'to. di pa ata ako nakakabuelo pagkagaling ng summer tapos napansin ko yung buwan, ang liwanag kase, tapos kita ko pa yung aura nya. ang ningning. maulap kase kaya wala ding stars. kaya ayun, bidang bida yung kaliwanagan nung buwan. ang ganda, naiistun ako. naka-max yung volume ng pinapakinggan ko, as in malakas. to the point na di ko na naririnig yung nasa paligid ko.

somehow, napipigilan ko yung gumagambala sa nararamdaman ko habang nakatitig ako sa buwan at pinapakiramdaman ang lamig ng panahon at pinapakinggan yung musika sa tenga ko.


parang kanina lang nabasa ko yung fruits of the spirit. Serious na po ako Lord. Carry to. :)

22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control - Galatians 5:22-23


All about her

SM Aura

Thursday, June 20, 2013

A text message woke me up today, that's 9am, its MEN! I made my reply and then I rush to take a bath! Brunch Time! we're going to SM Makati to meet her friend's boyfriend. We rode a bus going to makati. we've updated our stories along the way. upon stepping inside the mall, we don't know exactly where to go and what to do.









great, he's here. Dejavu! we think it already happened before. I just can't remember when. after that short convo and "Hi"s we went to Glorietta and search for some books. read some of them and we went to Chowking to eat mirienda type of lunch? I think? and then we search for a toystore! she's going to buy a Flatiron as a gift to Nadine. XD

while I'm with Men, I'm on SMS with Luna. We have a tour today! 


Luna: Di kami tuloy sa aura 2m. So ituloy ang chatime? Haha. 3pm sa SM. Wag na muna tayo magshooting. Maulan eh. Ang hirap maglakad kpag ganun. Haha.

Me, Myself and I: Tayo nalang mag SM Aura tom. Okay lang?. issearch ko kung pano pumunta.

Luna: Okay lang. kaso balak ko pa pumuntang Las Piñas after, baka gabihin tayo?

May nanghihiram kase sakanyang gamit, eh nakalimutan daw nyang dalhin ngayon kaya hindi  nabigay sakanya e ang problema walang pasok bukas si Camille kaya kelangan pa nyang pumunta sa kanila bukas dahil kailangan na daw yung ng Friday.

Eh ako naman, mapilit, nag-isip din ako ng paraan para matuloy ang lakad. naghanap nadin ako ng mapa, nagsearch ng ppwedeng sakyan papunta dun. what's special with SM Aura Premier ba?. search nyo na lang or puntahan nyo. :D

**End of Flashback**
(lakas ng hatak sakin nung binabasa ko eh. pasensya!)

We'll meet at 3pm. I already told Men na baka magpaiwan ako kase dito nalang kame magkikita ni Luna. we stayed for a while tapos hinatid ko na sya sa sakayan pabalik ng Alabang. May good news and badnews din ako from Luna.

Goodnews: di na nya kailangang imeet today si Camille kase nakahiram na daw sya nung hihiramin nya kay luna. :)
BadNews: Di pa sya makakapunta dahil sa profs nya at pinipigilan sya ng kanyang classmates na umalis.

pero ako ang hintay nalang din kung anung mangyayare. bumalik ako sa loob ng Mall, pumuntang National Bookstore at nagbasa-basa ng books. nakita ko yung book na Captivating na hinahanap ko naman talaga at katabi nya yung Wild at Heart. binasa ko yung likod, sobrang naging interesado ako sa book.
Yung Captivating kase is for Women's and yung Wild at Heart is for Men's! It's about why God made us this way. although di ko pa sya nababasa pero ganun nga daw yun sabe ni Luna na may Captivating na book at sa nababasa kong Reviews sa internet about Wild at Heart. Nakaseal sya kaya diko nabasa yung content.

nagshift tuloy ako sa ibang books and saw 5 Things you need to do before you die by Bo Sanchez (one of my favorite author). Catchy yung title so I grabbed one and another one until I find one that is without seal. I flipped through pages. I didn't read it page by page. I know I'll feel guilty after for finishing the book on the bookstore. HAHA! so totally not me. I just pick chapters from the book that I think I need in my life.
I put down the book and explore another and another. ang tagal naman ng ka-adventure ko ngayon. >.<

1st time nya ata na pupunta dito galing school, so nagbigay naman ako ng UNHELPFUL instructions ko. though wala pa naman naliligaw sa mga binibigyan kong instruction, maybe they're just wise enough for geography. Ansabe ko?! XD

Dun kame nagkita sa babaan sa may Ayala. 5PM na nun. di naman ako pikon. di kase uso yun samen. HAHA! tiis tiis lang. ginustong mag-Aura eh. Yung Badnews nya kanina e, nagpathrill lang samen. eh gusto nga namen eh. 

Naglakad kame papunta dun sa may likod ng shell, dun daw kase yung sakayan ayon sa aking research. ang galing nga eh, organized masyado dun. 

Sumakay kame ng bus ng hindi alam kung saan bababa. Ang moderate ng traffic! pero nakangiti kame. nag-aasaran lang at nagkkwento ng masasayang bagay. ayun lang naman ata pinag-uusapan namen nito eh. masasayang bagay. kahit di masaya. ginagawa nameng masaya! 

at nung makita namen yung Mall from afar. nanlaki yung mata namin! nakaka-excite kase. pero medyo kinabahan. di kase ata pwedeng bumaba kung saan saan. may proper place for for unloading. Galing! Pilipinas pa ba to?! HAHA! pasensya po at inosente. >.<
Dun pala ang last stop. Sa SM Aura Premier. Cool. una namin hinanap yung sakayan pauwi bago tumawid papuntang mall. dapat ready. para di worried.

Nakakatawa lang! kase parang inagaw ko tong si Luna dun sa group of friends nya. dahil ayaw nga sya paalisin tapos gusto din pala magAURA e kaso di nga sila natuloy kaya ako sumalo dun sa supposed to be na 'GALA' nila. Lalala! 

Inexplore lang namin yung High End na mall. Floor by floor. undeniably, maganda yung mall. nakakacurious nga yung content ng bawat floor eh. pero sa totoo lang, magttea lang naman kame dito eh. so hinanap namen yung Chatime dun sa "SMART-MALL-DIRECTORY" nila, ang galing lang. parang isang malaking smart phone ang style nya. so ayun nga nung nakita namen yung Chatime pero di muna namin pinuntahan. tinapos muna namen yung bawat floors. 

nung nandun na kame sa parang pinakataas, akala namen bawal na dun kase parang di pwede pumunta, sabe ko naman tingnan natin, pagbawal edi bababa kame. pero pag-akyat namen. isa syang ROOFTOP PARK. ANG GANDA! Ang sarap sanang magstargaze kung hindi naambon. ayun. tuwang tuwa naman kame sa nakikita namen. makabalik nalang siguro pagmaganda yung weather. :)

NagCR lang kame sandali at bumaba na dahil magttea na kame. Umorder at umupo sa malambot na upuan nila. humigop sa teas namen at nagstart na ng convo nameng di ko matandaan yung pinag-usapan namen. pero may bago naman kameng napag-usapan. nagtawanan lang at nagkulitan at nagshare-an. eh anu pa nga bang gagawin namin diba?. marami-rami din napag-usapan namin. dun nga kame napatagal eh.

then, nagkayayaan ng umuwi pero dumaan muna sa Nat'l Bookstore. nagbasa at naglista ng mga libro para sa reading list. nagshare-an din ng knowledge and wisdom related sa books. dami ko din natututunan dito kay Luna pagkasama ko 'to eh. :)

lumabas na kame ng mall. gabi na kaya. 10pm na ata nun at bukas na bukas pa yung mall! 24 hours ata yun eh. Sumakay na kame ng Bus dun sa may terminal at nagpakagutom dun sa Chicken ng isang pasahero. HAHA! di pala kame nakakaen. >.<

nagkwentuhan lang ulit sa bus at nanira na naman ng privacy ng bawat isa. bonding na namen yun eh. tapos umuwi na. habang nakikinig sa isang melody. ♥♫♥

yun lang naman ang gusto kong ishare!
pasensya na kung mahaba. natutuwa lang talaga ako dun sa binabasa kong story at parang mejo nahawa na ata ako sa way nya ng pagsusulat. 




Andrea's Baptism

Sunday, June 16, 2013

"Dad, Happy Father's Day po. bbye! una na po ako, text nyo na lang ako mamaya. :)"
I only attend the first service today. magnininong kase ako sa Sta. Rosa, Laguna.
Hi to the KKBs! Goodbye to them. too bad I will not handle the Life group today. 

So we went to Sta. Rosa, then to the Church. then to their house.
I miss that family, the Santos Family. they're the one who took care of me during my toddler years when Mom and Dad is busy at work. and they're part of our family tho.
In fact Kuya Jon-jon married my cousin ate Jack.

Let me put it this way. Gusto kong magexplain eh! 
Kuya Jonjon, Kuya SB and Kuya Yoyo. they are brothers and we call their dad ADO. 
so, back in my elementary days, Ate Jack, My cousin, lived here in our home. she helped my mom in housework. she's from batangas btw. so she meet kuya jon-jon and they fell in love with each other and behold their daughter, Hazel Cantos Santos. They now lived under the same roof. except for Kuya Jonjon and ate Vergie (ADO's wife) 'cause they're working in the middle east. Kuya SB, si'ya yung kumbaga, kumpare ko. they pick me as Ninong for their 3rd baby, Andrea.

It's great to see those Kuya's and Ate's again after almost 5 years?.
after the baptism. we went straight to their house and EAT! and inside their rooms I discover an unprotected wifi and a laptop, this is what happened:

WebCamToy Please! 
and then, after hours of taking pictures and their cover of a song. we eat again.
and went outside:

A pictorial. we then went to save more just to say Hi to everyone! XD
and we went back to their home and EAT AGAIN! ang sarap kumaen eh. and then we went home! :D



Mabyaheng Araw!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

It seems like a lovely day when I wake up. and when I went outside, it is. I fix my things and be ready for my appointments. I'm headed to Hannah Joy's Home, as my first lakad, to meet their PC. 

"Good Morning po"
"Good Morning Jebs"

I talked to Joy and I met her new PC. its broken, not really but it has no RAM. Bro. Orly gave me money to buy at Starmall, I also bought mouse and keyboard and then Tine's texting because we're going to Makati to meet her friend's boyfriend. So I have to rush!
I stayed there for 10 mins and went back to Hannah Joy's home. I fix. plug in their PC, punch in the RAM. click the On button and suddenly it opened. I explore some things and I said I must go because someone's waiting for me.

I went to Freedom Hills to meet Tine and we went to Alabang Terminal and then we went to SM Makati. we just talk, that's what people do, its normal right?. we explore the mall and walk around it and go up and down until we saw her friend's boyfriend. He gave something to tine and they went away. now, we just giggle about what just happened and we went to glorietta to seek for some books and talk about some stories from it. She really loves novels. 

and we went back to Alabang, now, in Festival 'cause she'll meet her friend. before her friend came, we ate kwek-kwek! and then he came, I said my goodbye Hi5 and went home, but along my way I saw streetwise! I ate there and then, Ptra called me about the Man of Steel, she want me to watch the movie, I said yes! sayang ticket nu. libre pa.

I went to church, say "Hi" to kuya eko, took the ticket away. at 4:00pm I rush to Susana Heights and wait for a bus going to Megamall. I'm just a boy there, wearing my favorite purple shirt and short and tsinelas, while I'm comfortably seated at the back. I'm thinking things on my head. but as I wait for my arrival, the air-con gave me chills, I hop at the back and then on the other side and went back to my original seat and went at the back again. their aircon controller was broken. I loved to punch the glass window as it says that you can break it in case of emergency but I act normal and let the breeze kill my weirdness. I just took my knees up! opened a book.

4:30PM, I'm still at nichols. then I remembered my friend's tumblr blog about having experience a heavy traffic at nichols. "I think I know my destiny" i said to myself. I just opened a book and let the heavy traffic go by. As I enjoy the book, some of the passengers were going outside and they started walking. 





28mins before the movie starts and I'm still at nichols. I now know that I'm not going to make it. I just finished that red book, and read few chapters from a bigger book. I'm not that annoyed being stuck in the middle of the Hi Way. sayang lang kase yung ticket. 
I watched the news after reading the books, I SMS some people to kill boredom and suddenly a girl asked me for a plastic bag. She wanted to pee at the back! HAHA! She didn't get any btw. I enjoyed my hours of stay in the bus, I bought peanut to balance the temperature inside me. 

Its moving darling! I know I can make it. at 9:00pm I'm at SM Makati, I bought my dinner and went back home! thanks a lot Man of Steel! Epic Fail Night. >.<


It's about Jesus!


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

We're nearer and nearer.
Pre-Encounter, Encounter, Post-Encounter, SOL 1, SOL 2, Re-Encoutner! :)

I'm almost late for the re-encounter, good thing my best pal was also late. so we joined forces going to church. In my table was Karl, MJ, Charlie and Reymark.

we learn and relearn things from EGR and new things and reminders for us leaders in this re-encounter. I'm excited and I don't know what to expect during the morning sessions. God planted good seeds in our hearts and I learned to expect for His great things. we felt His presence surround the place. His touch, His anointing. I know I'm delivered. For he who the Son sets free, is free indeed! (we also celebrate Independence Day! :) )

after the Re-encounter graduation, I felt that gratitude and joy in my heart as I have fellowship with my friends. God changed me and rescued me! 



Ferrero! ♥

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

May lakad talaga ako kahapon eh, kaso di natuloy, so Today na sha. kaso kulang na kame.

I went to church to do Re-Encounter Stuffs with Charlie and Denise and also do some tweeting pala. Ptra gave us Ferrero! XD

then, nagpicture din sa CR ng Girls at maya-maya sinundo na ko ni tine! HAHA! Ayan na ang taga sundo! Nag-gala lang naman kame sa Festival Mall! wala akong kasawa-sawa dun eh. Bumili sya ng mga idadagdag sa library nya. Nagkwento rin tungkol sa iba't-ibang bagay sa kanyang buhay, ganun din naman ako isa sa mga kwento nya ay yung.. ahmm. never mind. baka masapok ako nun pagnabasa nya to eh. we end our day in DaKaSi. 

its a FUN Day! :)




Sunday, June 09, 2013

After the worship service in our church I went to Starmall Alabang to meet my long distance best friend that I met through a SMS-clan, wena/wenzy. She's from Batangas. She messaged me last Monday that she want to meet me this June, before she turns 20.

Naghanapan kame sa Starmall and we find it little awkward dahil ang tagal namen bago nagkita ulit. we went to the cinema pero wala kameng napiling movie. naglakad kame sa kahabaan ng Starmall to Festival Mall.

She find the train cool as she saw it inside the Festival Mall. I don't exactly remember what we talked about. nakakatuwa lang at ang kalma nya. ako naman tahimik. parang di ako. we went to the cinema, bought tickets. Nakasalubong ko pa si Cheng at ang kanyang boyfie na dun ko lang nalaman na kalapit bahay lang namen at narerecognize nya ko. FAIL! 
konting chika lang and we say goodbye! 

Si wena naman, bumili na pala ng ticket kaya nawala, di ko man lang sya napakilala kila cheng but anyway. maaga pa kame for the movie so we went to shopwise to shop for food! I found out na takot sya sa escalator. HAHA! we bought Pic-A and Stick-O and drinks. we went upstairs again to watch BROMANCE! Laughtrip lang yung Movie. Havey na Havey! 

After the movie, di pa namen naubos yung Stick-O, nag-ikot-ikot lang kame for a while sa Pixie Forest and nagPhotoshoot! 

The evangelism challenge. XD

we talked about many things and then hinatid ko sya sa sakayan pabalik ng Batangas. I feel blessed to see her again! Its a funny day tho! 


Concert Scenes

Ricardo Sanchez in New Life

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Today, I went to Starmall to just browse for books, I saw Sen. Manny Villar in the mall while I'm walking around it. and then few minutes later, I went to ATC with a friend to cross out one of life-goal. we then went to madrigal business park while she's reading my journal (and that's crazzzeyy!). and then we went to New Life to meet Ricardo Sanchez. He had this Worship Concert. I'm with those people on the picture.

Ricardo Sanchez have this wonderful testimony. He didn't just share his music to us. but even his experiences. His life. It's a wonderful night for us. I learned that there's no professional christian, we, all long and thirst for more of Jesus. He told us to MOVE FORWARD 'cause IT'S NOT OVER and as we received victory or when in times of trouble we need to SHOUT IT LOUD. there's no place like this, in God's presence. for HIS PRESENCE IS HEAVEN TO ME. HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD! 

"The devil knows your name and calls you by your sin, but the Lord knows your sin, and calls you by your name"


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Inside My Bag!

Friday, June 07, 2013

Wherever I go, I never go alone, I'm always with my bag. and If you are courageous enough that you will take a journey inside my bag. go on and face the dreadful meaning of life when I saw you! KIDDING! You really know me if you already know what's inside my bag.

As a feeling writer, frustrated blogger, enthusiastic photographer/videographer and keen graphic designer. I should live my everyday life learning and exercising inside the scope of those fields. You can see my backpack filled with things that will help me grow.

My violet Ballpoint pen! I couldn't write anything without his small  but terrible tool.

My purple highlighter, I need this when I'm reading books. wise words should be highlighted!  

My notebook-diary, this is where my violet pen always land. it is filled with thoughts, realizations, poems and secrets. 

My Planner-Daily Journal notebook. I write things that happened in everyday of my life.

Books for Inspiration, knowledge, growth, reference, learning, development and improvement. they're not just for reading or recreation, they're for life-application. Hi-5 to those great authors that inspired me and helped me through their books and also to those who lend/gave me those. and to me who bought some of them.

My wallet, filled with things hoped for! I need money to explore but sometimes its not really a big thing when you have nothing. You can still write or take photos without money but .. neh! never mind. XD

My earplugs. I need some musical inspiration for writings and taking photos. with this, some shots or things that I write comes to life especially when the music fits the situation.

My Tablet, as a music source, sound recorder. Sometimes, when situation won't allow me to write, I just whisper to the mic and blow what's on my mind as if they're script from a script writer. I also use this for recreation whenever my mind is not on the mood. 

My phone, for distraction! HAHA! in some cases it helps me to write more, its a source of many things tho! It is also a source of best hangout places to write with.

My camera and videocam, to capture moments. explore creativity through photography/Videography. and a storage of cool graphics in the streets and/or some parks and places. 

And I also bring these stuffs:

Protection for my paper-techy stuffs when bad whether came or just in case my bag gets wet!

A friendship bracelet. I really don't know why I include this. maybe I just find this cute when it's in my wrist. it reminds me that I'm not alone. :)

Extra Shirt for extra perspiration. 

Umbrella as sunblock (I don't want darker skin! HAHA!) and raindrop bloc. and Its purple!  

Glasses for additional fashion as a writer, photographer or whatsoever.

We should live our everyday life a one step closer to our dreams

"Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans."

Proverbs 16:3 NIV

//IHopeSomeoneFindThisUseful XD

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