Andrea's Baptism

Sunday, June 16, 2013

"Dad, Happy Father's Day po. bbye! una na po ako, text nyo na lang ako mamaya. :)"
I only attend the first service today. magnininong kase ako sa Sta. Rosa, Laguna.
Hi to the KKBs! Goodbye to them. too bad I will not handle the Life group today. 

So we went to Sta. Rosa, then to the Church. then to their house.
I miss that family, the Santos Family. they're the one who took care of me during my toddler years when Mom and Dad is busy at work. and they're part of our family tho.
In fact Kuya Jon-jon married my cousin ate Jack.

Let me put it this way. Gusto kong magexplain eh! 
Kuya Jonjon, Kuya SB and Kuya Yoyo. they are brothers and we call their dad ADO. 
so, back in my elementary days, Ate Jack, My cousin, lived here in our home. she helped my mom in housework. she's from batangas btw. so she meet kuya jon-jon and they fell in love with each other and behold their daughter, Hazel Cantos Santos. They now lived under the same roof. except for Kuya Jonjon and ate Vergie (ADO's wife) 'cause they're working in the middle east. Kuya SB, si'ya yung kumbaga, kumpare ko. they pick me as Ninong for their 3rd baby, Andrea.

It's great to see those Kuya's and Ate's again after almost 5 years?.
after the baptism. we went straight to their house and EAT! and inside their rooms I discover an unprotected wifi and a laptop, this is what happened:

WebCamToy Please! 
and then, after hours of taking pictures and their cover of a song. we eat again.
and went outside:

A pictorial. we then went to save more just to say Hi to everyone! XD
and we went back to their home and EAT AGAIN! ang sarap kumaen eh. and then we went home! :D


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