Brilliant Sunday. Mega Friends. Super Moon

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Today's Message is entitled: ALL THESE THINGS.
from Matthew 6:33, All about seeking 1st the kingdom of God. and not to worry about anything for God is in control. 

The Lord is good, we have a wonderful conversation in our life group. I miss talking to them 'cause last week, I'm not with them. 

"All things work together for good. there is time for everything"
What makes me quote those verses? Tine, after years, gave me the book I've been waiting for the longest time, Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul 2 and my chocolates! Sweet! ♥
Thanks Men! You're the man! XD

and while I'm talking to Aries, Tine and Cathy, Grace called me and asked me If I wanted to go to Festival with them (MJ, Camille and Denise). I said, lemme think 'cause tine, cathy and aries asked me the same question. we will attend an afternoon service in Victory Church Alabang. while I'm thinking there's an interruption, a call on my name. it was Hacinth, invited me for Hazel's Birthday treat! 

*eh anung meron ngayon? daming nag-aaya? san kaya ako pupunta? they're all my friends. HAHAHA!

Circle of Friends #1 - Hacinth, Hazel, Joy, Aries and Jasmin : we went to Festival Mall and ate at Bon Chon Chicken treat by Hazel! (thanks to hazel) we talked and laugh about anything during and after we eat. and went to Accesorize, People Are People then walk around and end up in X-site. and then we said goodbye to Joy, Hacinth and Hazel.

Circle of Friends #2 - Grace, Mj, Camille, Denise, Aries and Jasmin: we met at Food Court, they just finished their meal. We just laugh and tease each other and listen to their jokes, they will go to Street Wise to buy Grace an outfit for the Tither's Night. I explore bags and  learn from them. and then the 3rd batch is here, so we say goodbye again, now, to Grace, Mj, Camille and Denise. 

Circle of Friends #3 - Cathy, Justine, Aries and Jasmin: we met at foodcourt and went up to the Victory church to attend their service. they have this familiar worship song line up. (This Is The Day - Planetshakers, Cornerstone - Hillsong, Unending Love - Hillsong) The topic is about the Youth. Campus Missions. Winning Souls. after the preaching, they prayed for us and end it with a prayer as well. we went then to some place where we can eat. Tine treat us at Max's. she's so generous. laki na ng utang ko sa kanya. XD

we went to People Are People once more. then we seek and find Serenetea. then we went home teasing and laughing. 

Notice something?. Nothing?! HAHA! I'm with Aries and Jasmin almost the whole day, from Norfil to leaping with circle of friends to Victory and as we went home. neeh!
It's a funny-cool-awesome-wonderful-happy-joyful-Sunday for us not to mention that today is the premiere of the Super Moon! I don't have a chance to see it from Festival Mall 'cause it's cloudy tonight.

I walked home regretful and while on rest, someone message me, asking about a paper and about the moon. I rush outside to see the moon. Gosh! It's stunning! I'm amazed as I watch those clouds flew away from the moon. there's no stars, the moon owns the night sky tonight. Its TIME to CHARGE! 

for those who didn't saw the moon, here's a photo I saw on from Roland Roldan from here, in Muntinlupa, Using his DSLR with 500mm lens:


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