I Still Remember

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

I'm about to turn my back from that glamorous night
sparks fly, butterflies in stomach
I am extremely happy, yes! I'm overwhelmed that I did my part
in this memorable moment
my heart's jumping up and down

where's my mask? I can't hide my smile.

help! no one should see me.
I found a remedy. It's time to go home.
I say 'good-byes' to everyone I know
now, outside the orbit of the celebration

Didn't know she's there, standing
I said my farewell to her
she said her farewell to me and everyone I'm with
but in split second, I have lots on my mind
I didn't understand it right away
but I don't want to leave without her personal words to me

in that same second
I knew I have to accept the fact that It will not happened
and then, I hear her voice calling my name
everything slows down
the fact that I know is now an assumption 
it is now a lie

I turned my head back to her
and I look directly into her eyes
she's smiling. 
waiting on her next words. I aflutter.


she said simple words. yet meaningful.
it came from her own voice
from her own thoughts. 

I turned around glad.
walking through the roads of darkness without a word 
but smiling.
I'm overwhelmed.


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