Inside My Bag!

Friday, June 07, 2013

Wherever I go, I never go alone, I'm always with my bag. and If you are courageous enough that you will take a journey inside my bag. go on and face the dreadful meaning of life when I saw you! KIDDING! You really know me if you already know what's inside my bag.

As a feeling writer, frustrated blogger, enthusiastic photographer/videographer and keen graphic designer. I should live my everyday life learning and exercising inside the scope of those fields. You can see my backpack filled with things that will help me grow.

My violet Ballpoint pen! I couldn't write anything without his small  but terrible tool.

My purple highlighter, I need this when I'm reading books. wise words should be highlighted!  

My notebook-diary, this is where my violet pen always land. it is filled with thoughts, realizations, poems and secrets. 

My Planner-Daily Journal notebook. I write things that happened in everyday of my life.

Books for Inspiration, knowledge, growth, reference, learning, development and improvement. they're not just for reading or recreation, they're for life-application. Hi-5 to those great authors that inspired me and helped me through their books and also to those who lend/gave me those. and to me who bought some of them.

My wallet, filled with things hoped for! I need money to explore but sometimes its not really a big thing when you have nothing. You can still write or take photos without money but .. neh! never mind. XD

My earplugs. I need some musical inspiration for writings and taking photos. with this, some shots or things that I write comes to life especially when the music fits the situation.

My Tablet, as a music source, sound recorder. Sometimes, when situation won't allow me to write, I just whisper to the mic and blow what's on my mind as if they're script from a script writer. I also use this for recreation whenever my mind is not on the mood. 

My phone, for distraction! HAHA! in some cases it helps me to write more, its a source of many things tho! It is also a source of best hangout places to write with.

My camera and videocam, to capture moments. explore creativity through photography/Videography. and a storage of cool graphics in the streets and/or some parks and places. 

And I also bring these stuffs:

Protection for my paper-techy stuffs when bad whether came or just in case my bag gets wet!

A friendship bracelet. I really don't know why I include this. maybe I just find this cute when it's in my wrist. it reminds me that I'm not alone. :)

Extra Shirt for extra perspiration. 

Umbrella as sunblock (I don't want darker skin! HAHA!) and raindrop bloc. and Its purple!  

Glasses for additional fashion as a writer, photographer or whatsoever.

We should live our everyday life a one step closer to our dreams

"Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans."

Proverbs 16:3 NIV

//IHopeSomeoneFindThisUseful XD

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